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    • 11 Apr, 2013

      Infrastructure & Services Workshop

      The infrastructure and Services Directorate held its Strategic Planning and Team Building Workshop in Cape Town, South Africa on 18 – 22 March 2013. The overall objective for the workshop was to share strategies for implementing the SADC Infrastructure…

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    • 9 Apr, 2013

      Water: A Source of Peace in SADC

      In the Southern African Development Community (SADC), water is seen as a source of peace rather than conflict. This was the key message emphasized by SADC’s Director of Infrastructure and Services Mr. Remigious Makumbe during a three-day workshop to…

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    • 8 Apr, 2013

      A SADC Citizen Appointed at AU Commission

      The African Union Commission appointed Dr Anthony Mothae Maruping as the new Commissioner of Economic Affairs at the African Union Commission (AUC).Dr Maruping was elected during the 20th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of…

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    • 3 Apr, 2013

      DRC Peace and Security Framework Signed

      A Peace and Security Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Region that accommodates the concerns of all stakeholders towards the restoration of peace in the eastern part of the is now in place. It was signed on February…

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    Documents & Publications

    Consolidated Text of the Treaty of the Southern African Development Community

    The Consolidated Treaty of the Southern African Development Community is a consolidation of the following texts: - The Treaty of the Southern African Development Community, 1992 - The Agreement Amending the Treaty, 2001 - The Agreement Amending Article 22 of the the Treaty, 2007 - The Agreement Amending the Treaty, 2008 - The Agreement Amending Article 10A of the Treaty, 2009 and - The Agreement Amending Articles 10 and 14 of the Treaty, 2009. This edition of the Consolidated text of the Treat replaces the 2011 edition. Done by the Legal Affairs Unit of the Secretariat.


    Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan

    The Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan of SADC is a comprehensive 15–year strategic roadmap, which provides the strategic direction for achieving SADC’s long term social and economic goals. It also provides the SADC Secretariat and other SADC institutions with clear guidelines on SADC’s approved social and economic priorities and policies and therefore, enhancing their effectiveness in discharging their facilitating and coordinating role. It was approved by SADC Summit in 2003 and its effective implementation began in 2005.


    SADC SIPO II (English)

    The Revised Edition of the Strategic Indicative Plan for the Organ (SIPO II) provides a review of the first edition of the Plan. Based on the objectives and common agenda of SADC, the Strategic Indicative Plan for the Organ, first signed in 2004, provided general guidelines that spelt out specific implementation activities, in accordance with the objectives of the Protocol on Defense, Politics and Security Cooperation, and the strategies for their realisation, covering the Public Security, Political, Defence, and State security sectors.