Peace, Security, and Good Governance

Under the Peace, Security, and Good Governance foundational pillar, RISDP 2020–2030 aims to enhance conflict prevention, management, and resolution mechanisms with an effective early warning system capable of tracking and monitoring political, security, and socio-economic threats. The intended outcomes include: strengthened early warning systems; enhanced conflict mediation, prevention, and preventative diplomacy capacity to support Member States; structured engagement with civil society, especially youth and women, in conflict prevention, management, and resolution of disputes in the region; and regional measures and strategies to address transnational organised crime. Efforts will also focus on strengthening political cooperation and enhancing democracy, good governance, the rule of law, human rights, and human security. In this regard, anticipated improvements include strengthened political cooperation among Member States, inclusive citizen participation, and compliance monitoring of Member States’ commitments to human rights, peace, security, and good governance in the region.

To realise an enhanced collective defence and security system that is capable of safeguarding the territorial integrity of the region, efforts will endeavour to, among other things, strengthen the capacity of the SADC Standby Force (SSF) to safeguard the territorial integrity of the region and conduct complex and multidimensional peace support operations.

This will be complemented by effective implementation of the overarching common defence policy and of regional strategies on maritime security, cyber security, and anti-terrorism, together with increased engagement of young people in defence and peace processes. As part of its prioritisation of Peace, Security, and Good Governance, SADC will further work towards establishing a responsive and proactive coordination mechanism to address the impact of climate change, pandemics, and natural disasters, through implementation of the SADC Humanitarian and Emergency Operations Centre (SHOC), as well as effective response, rescue, and recovery efforts addressing the impact of these phenomena.