March 1, 2024

SADC Council of Ministers to meet in Luanda, Angola on 10-11 March 2024 and review progress on implementation of regional programmes

The Council of Ministers of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) will meet on 10 and 11 March 2024 in Luanda, Republic of Angola. 

His Excellency Ambassador Téte António, Minister of External Relations of the Republic of Angola will host the meeting in his capacity as the current Chairperson of the SADC Council of Ministers.

The Council of Ministers oversees the function and development of SADC and ensures that policies and decisions are implemented accordingly. The Council consists of Ministers from each of the 16 SADC Member States; usually from the Ministries responsible for Foreign Affairs and International Relations, Economic Planning Finance or Trade, and meets twice a year in March, and August. 

During the two days, the Ministers will review and discuss the status of implementation of Council and Summit Decisions; progress on the implementation of the theme of the 43rd SADC Summit of Heads of State and Government which is Human and Financial Capital: The Key Drivers for Sustainable Industrialisation in the SADC Region; the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (2020-2030), the SADC Humanitarian and Emergency Operations Centre (SHOC), and disasters in the region, and approve the SADC Secretariat’s annual corporate plan and budget for the year 2024/2025.

The SADC Council of Ministers will be preceded by the meeting of the SADC Standing Committee of Senior Officials on 4-5 March 2024, and the meeting of the Finance Committee on 6 March 2024.

Enquiries - SADC Secretariat: Ms. Barbara Lopi, Head of Communications and Public Relations Unit, SADC Secretariat; email with a copy to

Enquiries - Government of Angola:  Mr. Joao Fernando De Brino Demba, the SADC National Media Coordinator and Director of Institucional Information and Communication -  Ministry of Telecommunication, Information Technologies and Social Communication, email: or Tel: +244 923 718 959

About SADC 

SADC is an organisation of 16 Member States established in 1980. The mission of SADC is to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth and socio-economic development through efficient, productive systems, deeper cooperation and integration, good governance and durable peace and security; so that the region emerges as a competitive and effective player in international relations and the world economy.