Assessment Report - M&E for OVC&Y in SADC 2011

Date Signed

The SADC Framework and Plan of Action for Comprehensive Care and Support for Orphans, Vulnerable Children, and Youth necessitates a framework for monitoring and evaluation of vulnerable children and youth in Southern Africa. To this end, in 2010, SADC commissioned a review and assessment of current monitoring and evaluation systems in order to establish priority areas for this new framework.

This report outlines the current situation for orphans, vulnerable children, and youth in SADC, highlighting gaps in service and opportunities available. Through qualitative research, the review and assessment found that most Member States of SADC have policies and programmes for monitoring and evaluation, but lack those specific to orphans, vulnerable children, and youth. As well, the review found that weak coordination and poor quality of data hamper efforts in the region. Its findings confirm the need for development of a regional monitoring and evaluation framework and a capacity-building programme in the region.