SADC Business Plan on OVC & Youth 2009-2015

Date Signed

Social issues such as poverty and disease impact all of Southern Africa, particularly its children and youth. To prioritise efforts to help vulnerable youth, SADC developed its Strategic Framework and Programme of Action (2008-2015): Comprehensive Care and Support of Orphan, Vulnerable Children and Youth as a special intervention for developing the human rights and freedoms of those most affected in the region.

Following from the strategic framework, this business plan sets out specific strategic outcomes for initiatives related to orphans, vulnerable children, and youth in the region. It aims for an improved policy environment and expanded capacity to prevent and reduce deprivation of vulnerable children and youth, following evidence-based interventions. As well, the business plan sets out approaches to implementation of the strategic framework, partnerships and roles in implementation, systems of financing initiatives, and an institutional framework overseeing implementation of the business plan.