Windhoek Declaration on SADC and International Cooperating Partners 2006

Date Signed

Due to changes in both regional and global agendas since SADC’s inception, by 2006 both SADC and its International Cooperating Partners desired a stronger and more effective partnership. Therefore, on 27th April 2006, SADC passed its Windhoek Declaration, formally establishing a New Partnership between SADC and the international bodies providing aid to the region.

Acknowledging SADC’s obligations to reduce poverty, stimulate growth, and achieve the Millennium Development Goals, the Declaration sets out a system of interacting with International Cooperating Partners that strengthens the region’s ability to meet these targets. It outlines the New Partnership’s objective, commitments, and key areas of cooperation, establishing a structure for dialogue and cooperation between SADC and the International Cooperating Partners at political, policy, and technical levels to ensure an environment of more effective aid; it also advocates harmonised policies and procedures for this aid’s dispersal and use in line with the SADC Common Agenda.