Lomahasha / Namaacha Cross Border Potable Water Supply Project

Status : Planned

Preparation of preliminary/detailed designs and construction of Phase II of Lomahasha and Siteki (Phase II in Swaziland),and Namaacha Water Supply Project. This phase will ensure water supply to the Lomahasha area in Swaziland and extending it to the Namaacha town in Mozambique through a memorandum of understanding for supply of water to communities residing along common borders of the two countries. It aims to supply a total population of 100 000 people with a safe drinking water supply and sanitation service as well as irrigating 1,000 hectares of land. The project aims to: - Improve health of the residents; - Promote economic activity; - Create employment opportunities; - Increase food security and reduction of poverty; and - Provide additional revenue for the water utilities. The project began as the Siteki Lomahasha water supply project, funded under the Government of Swaziland capital projects budget. Due to the financial constraints, the Corporation concentrated on the Siteki component which is now almost complete. Fiscal constraints also resulted in the suspension of the Lomahasha component, pending further identification of infrastructure funding possibilities.