Construction of Standard Gauge railway from Mtwara - Mbamba Bay railway with/and spurs to Liganga, and Mchuchuma

Project Status: Finalised

The railway line will provide connectivity from Mtwara Port to Liganga Iron Ore fields located about 874km west of Mtwara Port. The studies made an estimation reserve size of between 200 – 2000 million tones at Liganga. And also provide connectivity from Mtwara Port to Mchuchuma coal fields located 946km from Mtwara around Lake Nyasa in the South-western part of the country. Mineral reserves in Mchuchuma coal fields are estimated 159 million tones as proven and 377 million tones as inferred. Construction of a new railway line from Mtwara Port to Songea – Mbamba Bay with spurs to the mineral fields of Mchuchuma and Liganga, south west of Tanzania (approx 1,000km).