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CONSULTANT    Development of an E8 harmonized Vector Control Training Assessment Tool

LOCATION    Not Applicable (NA)

REPORTING TO   Head of Technical Support


Organisational background

The Elimination 8 Initiative (E8) is a coalition of eight countries working across national borders to eliminate malaria in southern Africa by 2030. As the malaria elimination response arm of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), the E8 is pioneering an ambitious regional approach and driving collective action to end this deadly disease once and for all. Guided by the belief that countries are stronger when they work together, the E8 is building a model that will inform coordinated efforts in Southern Africa and beyond.

As part of the E8 mandate to promote knowledge sharing, best practices, and policy harmonization to accelerate progress towards regional malaria elimination, the E8 in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and financial support of the GFATM developed a harmonized regional vector control training guide. Since its development in 2019, the E8 countries have been using the guide as a supplemental tool in their training and implementation of IRS. to using this tool to adopting best practices as slide deck. The consultant is expected to review the regional guideline, WHO documents, and best practices from member countries and their partners in the development of an assessment tool. He/she is expected to work internally with the E8S and externally with the National Malaria Control/Elimination Programmes, WHO, other stakeholders, and partners within the region and beyond.

The objective of the contract

The objective of the consultancy is to develop an assessment tool to review the impact or effectiveness of the IRS regional training guide in the E8 region. The consultancy will also document IRS best practices in the region, incorporate global innovations in IRS and suggest recommendations for improved IRS implementation in the region.

Scope of the work

  • Review the current IRS regional harmonized training guide and other related vector control training materials used in the SADC-E8 region
  • Document best practices from the region and beyond and incorporate current innovations in IRS implementation
  • Develop an assessment tool and document best practices and recommendations for improved vector control implementation

Key Deliverables

  • A report on the current tools used for IRS and best practices in IRS in the region and beyond
  • One consultative meeting with E8 Vector Control technical working group   
  • Develop and an assessment tool to evaluate the impact of the IRS regional guide in the E8 region  

Work assignment overview

Core Activity



Payment Schedule

An inception report detailing the proposed methodology for meeting the objectives of the consultancy, including a detailed workplan   5      20%

Inception report outlining the understanding of the ToRs,

Conducted consultations with all NMCPs, partners and stakeholders involved in vector control in the E8-SADC region                          5     30%

A report on the current tools used for IRS and best practices in IRS in the region and beyond

Develop and an assessment tool to evaluate the impact of the IRS regional guide in the E8 region                                                          10

Assessment tool developed

Share with NMCPs, partners and stakeholders for review, input and validation                                                                                          10   50%

  1. Reviewed and Revised Assessment tool
  2. Final report and close of contract

Administrative issues and conditions

  1. Professional fees will be based on the submission of agreed deliverables. The E8 and its funding partners reserve the right to withhold payment in case the deliverables submitted are not up to the standard or in case of delays in submitting the deliverables on the part of the consultant.
  2. Consultant will have to enter into an agreement with the E8 and/ or its funding partners prior to undertaking this consultancy.

Qualification Required

  • The Consultant should have a minimum of a master’s degree in any of the following relevant disciplines: medical entomology, environmental health, and public health
  • At least 10 years’ experience in the implementation of vector-borne diseases and their control and public health programme management
  • Substantial level of experience in the development of vector control and public health-related technical documents such as strategies, guidelines, and plans.
  • An understanding and experience working with government, Non-governmental Organizations, the private sector, and other key stakeholders in vector control
  • In-depth understanding of vector-borne diseases bionomics and control, and in general health and environmental policy and strategies in Africa
  • Excellent writing and analytical skills (in English)
  • An understanding and experience working in the E8 region would be an added advantage

Duration:  30 working days

All quotations submitted must be accompanied by:

  1. Maximum 3 References

Technical and administrative inquiries

All inquiries should be addressed to

How to Apply

Technical and financial proposals should be sent to, on or before the 15th of November 2022.

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