Consultancy To Support Strengthening of SADC Regional And National Disaster Risk Reduction Information Management System

Closing Date: May 19, 2019

Closing Time: 12:00 PM

Awarded Tender
  1. Publication reference: SADC/3/5/2/33
  2. Contracting Authority: SADC Secretariat
  3. Publication date of the procurement notice: 19 May 2019
  4. Type of procurement: Services
  5. Lot number and lot title 1
  6. Estimated contract value [only for services]: US$284,000.00
  7. Procurement method: International Limited Bidding
  8. Number of bids received: 3
  9. Overall assessment of the successful [Achieved highest technical & financial score
  10. Contract value: US$282,500.00
  11. Name and address of successful [bidder/applicant –delete as appropriate]:
NEMUS Portugal

NEMUS-Gestao e Requalifacao Ambiental,Lda

Estrada do Paco do Lumiar

Campus do Lumiar Edificio

D-R/C,1649-038 LISBOA

Pedro de Morais Bettencourt da Camara Correia Coutinho Portugal

12. Date of award of the contract: 22 November 2019 


1 Document to be completed by the procurement entity and made public after award of a contract, compulsory to be use for contracts estimated to cost US$ 250,000 or more

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