June 10, 2024

SADC to hold the 29th Annual General Meeting of Chiefs of Police Sub-Committee/ Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (SARPCCO) in Zambia

10 June 2024, Gaborone, Botswana: The Southern African Development Community (SADC) will hold the 29th Annual General Meeting of Chiefs of Police Sub-Committee/ Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (SARPCCO) in Lusaka, Zambia on 13-14 June 2024 to discuss strategies and interventions to combat cross-border crimes, which pose a great threat to peace, security, regional integration and development efforts. 

During the Annual General Meeting, the Chiefs of Police will review the progress in the implementation of regional and international legal instruments and strategies aimed at preventing and combating transnational organised crime. Furthermore, they will discuss matters on cooperation and coordination in mutual legal assistance on criminal matters and extradition.

Moreover, the meeting aims to strengthen regional frameworks outlined in the Regional Indicative Strategic Plan (RISDP 2020-2030) by addressing transnational organised crime. This includes strategic objectives related to policing, political cooperation, democracy, good governance, rule of law, human rights, and human security.

The meeting will be chaired by Mr Graphel Musamba, the Inspector General of the Republic of the Zambian Police, in his capacity as the Chairperson of the SARPCCO.

The meeting will also focus on reviewing and examining programmes and activities as guided by the following instruments; the SADC Integrated Strategy to Prevent and Combat Transnational Organized Crime and its Action Plan, the SADC Protocol on the Control of Firearms, Ammunitions, and other Related Materials, as well as the Protocols on Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, Combating Illicit Drugs, and the SADC Protocol against Corruption.

SARPCCO plays a vital role in preventing and combating cross-border and transnational organised crimes and has become a benchmark for international police cooperation.

The SARPCCO will be preceded by the following meetings. 

  • 10 June 2024: Meeting of Heads of INTERPOL National Bureau Centres (NBCs)

  • 11 – 12 June 2024: Meeting of the SARPCCO Technical Organs.