SADC Sexual and Reproductive Health Business Plan 2011-2015

Date Signed

Challenges associated with sexual and reproductive health prompted SADC to develop its Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy (2006-2015). In order to support the realisation of this Strategy, SADC also developed the Sexual and Reproductive Health Business Plan, which gives expression to the Strategy’s objectives by identifying the region’s comparative advantages.

Based on the Strategy, the business plan outlines priorities for interventions, establishes intended outcomes and output results, and specifies systems for implementation and monitoring. It notes the importance of mainstreaming gender into sexual and reproductive health initiatives, along with improving accessibility, harmonising policies, integrating sexual and reproductive health policies with those for HIV and AIDS, and targeting vulnerable children and youth in the region. Informed by critical challenges facing the region, the business plan aims to move the SADC region toward a healthy sexual and reproductive life for all of its citizens.