SADC Regional Biodiversity Strategy

Date Signed

Southern Africa is home to abundant biodiversity, which contributes to the livelihoods of many people in the region. Therefore, this biodiversity is central to SADC’s objective of improving socioeconomic development. In order to foster this biodiversity in the face of regional underdevelopment and environmental challenges, SADC has devised a Regional Biodiversity Strategy.

The Regional Biodiversity Strategy aims to provide a framework for cooperation and implementation of provisions toward sustaining the region’s biodiversity. Noting practical constraints on sustaining biodiversity in the region, the Strategy outlines tactics for addressing focal areas that cut across several sectors – forestry, wildlife, agriculture, and others. These tactics are based on a scope of developing programmes to enhance economic development without compromising sustainable use. The Strategy also suggests activities for its funding and implementation, encouraging SADC Member States to develop projects in biodiversity focal areas.