SADC OVCY Situation Analysis Report (Revised)

Date Signed

Following an assessment, SADC developed the SADC Framework and Plan of Action for Comprehensive Care and Support for Orphans, Vulnerable Children, and Youth in 2008. To complement this framework, SADC is also developing a Minimum Package of Services for Orphans, Vulnerable Children, and Youth, which will provide Member States with a comprehensive system for assisting vulnerable children and youth. This Situation Analysis Report offers an overview of current conditions in Southern Africa to inform development of this service package.

Research from 13 Member States indicates that policies for orphans and vulnerable children have improved throughout the region, although gaps remain between policy and practice. Extensive poverty and HIV infection, coupled with conflict and natural disasters, continue to jeopardise children and youth in the region. Qualitative assessments from fieldwork, community-based organisations, and government informants offer a varied picture of progress; however, little statistical evidence is available to support perceptions. While policies remain robust, the challenge for SADC is to translate these policies into evidence-based action.