SADC HIV and AIDS Business Plan: Strategic 5-Year Business Plan 2005 - 2009

Date Signed

At the meeting of the SADC Council in Dar es Salaam, August 2003, it was agreed that there was a need to develop a SADC HIV and AIDS Business Plan. Through consultation with the Member States, an initial plan was developed. At the regional workshop, held in South Africa on 26-28th July 2004, representatives from National AIDS Authorities of all SADC Member States discussed and refined the plan, and shared information on country experiences in responding to the challenges of HIV and AIDS. This meeting provided for frank discussions, practical solutions and the reaffirmation that all stakeholders must be fully involved. Concrete recommendations were made on treatment, the multi-sectoral response, resource mobilisation, monitoring and evaluation, networking and information sharing, and response under emergency situations. These have been fully integrated into this Strategic 5-year Business Plan.