The Regional Poverty Reduction Framework

Date Signed

The Regional Poverty Reduction Framework seeks to elaborate and translate SADC’s Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan priority intervention area on poverty eradication into an implementation framework. This has the effect of fine-tuning the regional agenda for poverty eradication and provides a bridge to align national poverty reduction strategies to regional interventions.

The framework selectively covers critical and high impact areas where a regional approach is expected to complement and bolster the national interventions in the fight against poverty across the region.
The framework therefore focuses on the regional dimensions of national poverty reduction interventions including cross-border issues which need to be identified and addressed collectively. This must dovetail with the poverty dimensions of regional integration and cooperation policies and programmes (RISDP and SIPO) in order to maximise synergies between regional and national interventions.

The Regional Poverty Reduction Framework also pays more attention to cross-border issues in order to improve consistency between national strategies and programmes on one hand and the regional strategies and programmes on the other with a view to enhance the visibility and relevance of regional interventions to country policy makers.