Protocol on Transport, Communications and Meteorology 1996

Date Signed

Effective transport, communications, and meteorology systems are prerequisites for economic growth and improved quality of life – the primary goals of SADC. Recognising that closer integration of these sectors offers benefit to the region, SADC passed the Protocol on Transport, Communications and Meteorology on 24th August 1996.

The Protocol oversees all aspects of transport, communications, and meteorology throughout Southern Africa with the intention of establishing systems for these sectors that function efficiently and productively, thereby promoting economic and social development. Through the Protocol, Member States agree to strategic goals and policies for an integrated network of transport, communications, and meteorology, with specific funding sources, regulatory mechanisms, environmental controls, and technical standards. The Protocol also outlines an institutional framework for its implementation, including a breakdown of committees and subcommittees, procedures, and duties, as well as systems for monitoring progress and addressing non-compliance with regulations.