Declaration Towards a Southern Africa Free of Anti-Personnel Landmines 1997

Date Signed

On 8th September 1997, SADC Member States signed the declaration Towards a Southern Africa Free of Anti-Personnel Landmines, officially acknowledging the devastating effect that antipersonnel landmines have had on the region.

The declaration recognises that antipersonnel landmines kill or maim tens of thousands of people throughout Southern Africa each year, many of whom are innocent men, women, and children uninvolved with struggles for independence.

In line with initiatives and resolutions from the Organisation of African Unity, the United Nations, and various non-governmental organisations, SADC supports the global ban on landmines. Therefore, it urges its Member States to take steps to ban the use, production, trade, and stockpiling of antipersonnel landmines. It also encourages Member States to support campaigns to ban landmines and to implement resolutions that call for their prohibition.

Member States agree to increase resources allotted to campaigns for clearance of antipersonnel mines and to funds for aiding landmine victims.