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  • Open and Distance Learning Capacity-Building Project Achievements


    Regional ODL Policy Development and Strategic Planning

    The Project has achieved the following regional and national policy documents:

    1. Regional ODL Policy Framework (2012)
    2. Regional ODL Strategic Plan approved in 2013.
    3. Regional ODL Informational Education and Communication (IEC) Strategy (2009)
    4. Regional Gender Mainstreaming Strategy for ODL Programmes (2009)
    5. Regional M and E Framework (2011)

    National level

    Final drafts of the National ODL policies have been developed in Lesotho, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    Capacity Building in Open and Distance Learning:

    1. Established two Centres of Specialisation for teacher and secondary education in Tanzania and Malawi respectively;
    2. Established Knowledge Management System (KMS) at Open University of Tanzania with a backup at Malawi College of Distance Education;
    3. Facilitated networking and collaboration among ODL practitioners from 2008 to date through DEASA and DETA conferences;
    4. Supported ODL practitioners to undertake both short and long term training in ODL;
    5. Conducted two regional and 8 national advocacy campaigns in ODL and gender in all the eight ADF Member States;
    6. Built capacity of training of trainers in gender mainstreaming in ODL for 36 ODL practitioners;
    7. Regional Training of trainers for M&E Experts from Member States to track agreed indicators in the Regional ODL M&E Framework.
    8. Three Member States, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe supported to aggressively embrace the Regional ODL M&E Framework and track the agreed indicators to produce a regional M&E report by 2014
    9. Developed Gender Mainstreaming Guide lines for ODL programmes;
    10. Disseminated ODL IEC materials to all SADC Member States.