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  • Vision, Mission & Mandate

    The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat is the body that facilitates the implementation of SADC programmes and activities to meet its objectives and overall goal of poverty eradication and regional integration.


    A reputable, efficient and responsive enabler of Regional Integration and Sustainable Development.


    Provide strategic expertise and co-ordinate the harmonisation of policies and strategies to accelerate Regional Integration and sustainable development.


    The Mandate of the SADC Secretariat, as outlined in the SADC Treaty, is to provide the following:

    • Strategic planning and management of the programme of SADC;
    • Implementation of the decisions of the Summit and council;
    • Organisation and management of SADC Meetings;
    • Financial and general administration;
    • Representation and promotion of SADC; and
    • Promotion and harmonisation of policies and strategies of Member States.


    The SADC Secretariat subscribes to the following values:

    • Quality service and competency;
    • Professionalism;
    • Integrity;
    • Commitment and passion;
    • Team spirit;
    • Mutual respect and trust;
    • Courtesy;
    • Equality of opportunity; and
    • Transparency and frankness.