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    The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat Legal Affairs Unit is responsible for the following activities:

    • Rendering of legal services to SADC;
    • Drafting of legal documents; and
    • Litigation.


    The Legal Affairs Unit reports to the Deputy Executive Secretary: Finance and Administration


    The specific Objectives of the Unit are to:

    • Develop, propose and evaluate draft legal instruments for the implementation and monitoring of the SADC Treaty and SADC Protocols;
    • Provide legal advice to the SADC Secretariat;
    • Provide legal advice to the SADC Summit and Council meetings;
    • Facilitate the implementation of SADC Summit and Council decisions;
    • Service ┬áthe meetings of the Ministers of Justice/Attorneys-General; and
    • Facilitate the notification of the status of ratification, accession and entry into force of SADC Protocols.

    Organisational Structure