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    What is the SADC TRF?

    The SADC Trade Related Facility is a mechanism for financial and technical support to be given to SADC Member States to assist them to implement commitments made under the SADC Protocol on Trade and the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and the SADC EPA Group. The overall objective of the Trade Related Facility is to improve the participation of SADC Member States in regional and international trade in order to contribute to sustainable development in the SADC region. Specifically, the SADC Trade Related Facility aims to enhance the implementation of the SADC Protocol on Trade and the EPA to increase intra and inter-regional trade flows of the concerned Member States.

    Key Result Areas of the SADC TRF

    • Key Result Area 1: Higher level of compliance and implementation of the SADC Trade Protocol’s commitments by the SADC Member States is achieved.
    • Key Result Area 2: SADC EPA Member States are better prepared to effectively implement and monitor the EPA and benefit from it particularly in terms of improved market access.

    What Actions will be Supported under the SADC TRF?

    The main areas of support that are common to the SADC Protocol on Trade and the EPA window include:

    • Enhancing customs cooperation
    • Technical Barriers to Trade
    • Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
    • Rules of Origin
    • Trade Facilitation
    • Industrial Development
    • Trade Promotion and Development
    • Trade in Services

    In addition, there are specific areas that relate only to the EPA window:

    • Trade Defence Instruments
    • Trade Related Adjustment
    • Competition Policy

    How will the SADC TRF Operate?

    The day-to-day management of the TRF has been entrusted to a Facility Support Unit based in Gaborone. The Facility Support Unit management team is directly accountable to both the TIFI Directorate and the SADC Trade Related Facility Steering Committee.

    The Facility Support Unit will launch Calls for Applications on the SADC website (www.sadc.int) and will communicate these to all eligible SADC Member States. The frequency of Calls for Application will be determined by the TRF Steering Committee.

    If a Member State needs technical assistance in developing its application, such a request may be made to the Facility Support Unit. Applications for funding must be aligned to the general trade strategy of the SADC Member State and must include a detailed plan of activities and associated costs in relation to the proposed action.

    Financial support will be provided to successful applicants after achievement of milestones identified in the agreed plan of action.

    Detailed Operational Guidelines that define the implementation mechanisms for the TRF are in place and can be found on the SADC website.

    Who is Eligible for Support under the SADC TRF?

    In order to be eligible to apply for SADC TRF support a Member State must, among other criteria, be a fully paid Member of SADC and, at the time the programme was formulated:

    • Must have signed and ratified the SADC Protocol on Trade (to benefit from the SADC Trade Protocol window);
    • Must have signed the EPA or is submitting a project whose activities may lead to the signing of the EPA (to benefit from the EPA window);

    The Contribution Agreement defines indicative allocations for each SADC Member State (up to €1.4m under the SADC Protocol on Trade window and up to €1.2m under the EPA window). If necessary, these amounts may be reallocated following the two mid-term reviews to be carried out during programme implementation. Newly eligible Member States can be considered for inclusion at the time of the mid-term reviews.

    How is the SADC TRF Financed?

    The SADC Trade Related Facility is financed through a Contribution Agreement between the SADC Secretariat and the European Union, signed in July 2014. This five year Facility, implemented through the Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment (TIFI) Directorate in the SADC Secretariat has been allocated an operational budget of €31,600,000 from the 10th European Development Fund.

    When will the SADC TRF be Operational?

    The SADC Trade Related Facility became operational in January 2015 when the staff in the Facility Support Unit were mobilised. The first Call for Applications will be launched mid-2015, after conducting training of relevant representatives from SADC Member States in the operation of the SADC Trade Related Facility.

    Contact Details for TRF Facility Support Unit (FSU)

    Project Manager/Coordinator: Charles Chaitezvi
    Telephone: +267 391 5718
    Mobile: + 267 72411409
    Fax: + 267 391 5572
    E-mail: cchaitezvi@sadc.int

    Key Expert (SADC Trade Protocol): Paul Kalenga
    Telephone: + 267 391 5718
    Mobile: + 267 71219906
    Fax: + 267 391 5572
    E-mail: pkalenga@sadc.int

    Key Expert (EPA) Fudzai Pamacheche

    Tel: +267 391 5718

    Mobile: +267 74769014

    Fax: +267 391 5572

    Email : fpamacheche@sadc.int


    Project Administrator: Mildred O. Lesole

    Tel: +267 391 5718

    Mobile: +267 75114344

    Fax: +267 391 5572

    Email: mlesole@sadc.int