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    SADC Policy Analysis and Dialogue Programme

    Background of the Programme

    The SADC Secretariat is the executive arm of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), with the responsibility of, among other things, undertaking strategy development, planning and monitoring of the SADC Regional Cooperation and Integration Agenda. The Policy, Planning and Resource Mobilisation (PPRM) Directorate, housed within the SADC Secretariat, is responsible for coordinating and networking research, policy analysis and strategy development.

    In the current framework of the strategic review of the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP), the SADC Secretariat has prioritised key functions and initiated a Policy Analysis and Dialogue Programme.

    The SADC Policy Analysis and Dialogue programme is intended to strengthen the Policy Planning and Resource Mobilisation (PPRM) Directorate in leading, hosting or facilitating regional dialogue and debate on Regional Integration issues. Through a series of policy papers and innovative dialogue formats – undertaken in jointly with strategic regional partners – SADC stakeholders will be engaged to develop a clearer understanding of current development challenges and a long-term vision for SADC. Depending on the topics selected, formats will include scenario-building, think tank workshops and multi-stakeholder dialogues, meetings and Think Tank conferences, which will be held before the SADC Summit each year.

    Overall Goal

    The programme is intended to promote regional policy dialogue and debate on key Regional Integration issues aiming at guiding the development and strengthening of regional policy processes.


    The specific objectives of the programme include:

    • Hosting regional debates and dialogue on regional integration issues;
    • Facilitation of strategic and scenario building workshops on key priority areas as identified by SADC; and
    • Creation of a series of policy papers for decision makers tackling current challenges faced by the community and the long term vision of SADC.

    Key Thematic Areas/Programme Priorities

    The function of strategic development must be based on quality research and policy analysis on key areas of regional cooperation and integration as identified in the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP), most notably the following;

    (1) Politics, Defence and Security;

    (2) Trade and Economic Integration;

    (3) Infrastructure Development;

    (4) Food Security, Natural Resources and Environment;

    (5) Social and Human Developments; and

    (6) Cross-Cutting areas like Gender, HIV/Aids and Environment.  


    German Development Cooperation (GIZ)

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