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    The mandate of the Directorate of Policy, Planning and Resources Mobilisation is to serve the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat as the lead structure on strategy development, policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation, strategic partnerships, inter - regional and continental integration, and resource mobilisation.


    The Policy, Planning and Resource Mobilisation Directorate is within the portfolio of the Deputy Executive Secretary: Regional Integration.


    This Directorate oversees all strategic planning within the SADC Secretariat through five key result areas:

    • Research, Policy and Strategy Development - Supporting the policy and strategy formulation process within the SADC Secretariat in consultation with Member States, and promoting the role of a policy think-tank within the SADC Secretariat on key Regional Integration issues in collaboration with regional and international research networks;
    • Planning and Programming - Coordinating the development of operational plans and programmes within the SADC Secretariat and providing advice with regard to their alignment to SADC priorities;
    • Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation  - Setting up appropriate mechanisms to enable results-based monitoring and evaluation system with concrete time bound activities to provide early warning mechanism, and  monitoring the implementation of SADC instruments (protocols, Declarations, MoUs etc), policies and instruments and evaluate them in terms of their fit and contribution to the implementation of Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan and Strategic Indicative Plan for the Organ;
    • Statistics - Supporting the Regional Integration process as a central resource-base for official regional data, and providing relevant and accurate statistics related to economics and social issues. The programme includes the provision of technical advice and leadership in regional statistics databases, as well as harmonisation and standardisation issues and capacity building;
    • Resource Mobilisation and Development Cooperation - Coordinating the development of policies, strategies and instruments to secure the financing of the SADC Regional Integration agenda according to SADC strategic priorities, and providing leadership in the conduct of structural dialogue with International Cooperating Partners; and
    • Continental and Inter-regional Cooperation - Coordinating SADC policy and strategy development processes, taking into account policies and programmes developed at the Continental and International levels.

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