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    The mandate of the Finance, Investment and Customs (FIC) Directorate is to facilitate trade and financial liberalisation; and creation of an enabling environment for investment, all contributing to deeper regional economic integration, growth and poverty eradication.

    Strategic Objective

    The Strategic objective of FIC falls within the overall strategic objective of Industrial Development and Market Integration which is Sustainable industrial development, trade integration and financial cooperation.

    Specific Objectives

    Specific objectives for each of the Key Result Areas are as follows:

    1. Consolidated SADC Free Trade Area (FTA): The main objective is to enhance intra and extra SADC trade through the consolidation of the SADC FTA.

    2. Enhanced macro-economic environment: The main objective is to maintain macroeconomic stability in the region by implementing stability-oriented economic policies through sound institutional structures and frameworks.

    3. Improved financial market systems and monetary cooperation: The main objective is to enhance financial and monetary cooperation in the region.

    4. Improved intra-regional and foreign direct investment: The main objective is to facilitate cooperation among Member States to reduce barriers to doing business in the region leading to increased investment flows in the region.

    Programmes and Projects

    Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP).pdf

    Support to Improving Investment and Business Environment (SIBE).pdf

    Organisational Structure