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    The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat Procurement Unit is responsible for all aspects of Procurement activities within the Secretariat.


    The Procurement Unit reports to the Director, Human Resources and Administration, under the Deputy Executive Secretary, Finance and Administration.

    The Procurement Function Mandate

    The Procurement Function has the overall responsibility of coordination and implementation of the procurement processes for the SADC Secretariat. With the exceptions indicated in the procurement rules and procedures as well as in the financial regulations of the Institution, it is the only unit within the SADC Secretariat vested with the attribution to procure services, goods and works on behalf of the Institution. More specifically, the Procurement Function responsibilities shall include, but not limited to, the following:

    1. Drafts and revises the procurement rules and procedures;
    2. Drafts and revises the standard templates for procurement processes;
    3. Coordinates the procurement planning and prepares the Overall Procurement Plan;
    4. Reports on procurement performance and implementation of the overall procurement plan;
    5. Prepares and revises the procurement strategy of the Procuring Entity;
    6. Reviews the Technical Specifications and Terms of Reference for compliance with the procurement procedures;
    7. Reviews the eligibility, qualification, evaluation and award criteria for compliance with the procurement procedures;
    8. Advertises the procurement processes by (i.e.: General Procurement Invitation to Pre-qualification, Short List Notice, Contract Award Notice, Cancellation Notices);
    9. Prepares the Bidding Documents, Request for Quotations/proposals, Request for Negotiation, Request for Expression of Interest and any other similar solicitation documents;
    10. Develops application bid forms;
    11. Coordinates the communications with applicants and disseminates clarification information;
    12. Provides logistic support to the Evaluation Committees;
    13. Acts as the secretariat and provide the necessary logistical support to the SADC Tender Committees;
    14. Prepares  contracts and purchase orders;
    15. Notifies bidders and applicants on the outcome of the evaluation processes;
    16. Assists the Procuring Entity  in the appeal processes;
    17. Assists the requisition function in the administration of  contracts;
    18. maintains the records of procurement processes,
    19. Responsible for facilitating the development, maintaining, advertising and up-dating the SADC Secretariat Database of Approved Suppliers;
    20. Nominates members of the Negotiation Committees,
    21. Approves the evaluation reports for local and restricted bidding procurement and procurement under multiple framework contract methods.
    22. Exercise the ex-ante control function of procurement processes and endorse for compliance with the SADC Secretariat Procurement Policy and Guidelines, all solicitation documents issued by the Procuring Entity; and
    23. Ensure that all the contracts/purchase order sent for signature to the Accounting Officer have been cleared by the Legal Affairs Function and Budget and Finance Function and certifies they are awarded and drafted in compliance with the SADC Secretariat Procurement Policy and Guidelines.

    The Procurement Function Implementation Structure

    The Procurement Unit delivers its mandate using an implementation structure that is split in three distinct functional areas:

    1. The Database of Approved Suppliers and Framework Contracts function;
    2. The Tendering and contracting function; and
    3. The Ex Ante Control Function.

    The Database of Approved Suppliers and Framework Contracts function

    This function is responsible for the establishment and administration of a Database of Approved Suppliers and Framework Contracts. This is achieved by maintaining and updating a Database of Approved Suppliers,as well as conducting procurement, and placing purchase orders under multiple framework contracts;

    The Tendering and contracting function

    This function is responsible for managing all tendering and contracting activities conducted through Open Bidding, International Restricted Bidding, Limited Bidding, or Single-Source procurement methods, as well as through Selection of Individual Consultants;

    The Ex Ante Control Function

    This function is responsible for provision of quality control for all the procurement documentation released by the Unit.

    Organisational Structure


    Procurement Opportunities 

    For access to all current tender opportunities, closed, awarded and archived tenders, please go to the Procurement Pages  of this website, also found under the Opportunities menu.

    Persons and organisations interested in bidding on SADC Procurement Opportunities are requested to register with the SADC Procurement Unit as an approved supplier.

    Contact the SADC Procurement Unit: procurement@sadc.int