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    The Conference Services Unit of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat was established to facilitate decision-making and implementation by ensuring common understanding among Member States and other stakeholders. It ensures that SADC meetings take place by making available, in a timely manner all relevant documentation to Member States, in all SADC working languages.
    The scope of the functions of the Conference Services Unit extends to all Member StatesDirectorates and Units of the SADC Secretariat, and all related projects.


    The Conference Services Unit reports to the Director, Human Resources and Administration, under the Deputy Executive Secretary, Finance and Administration.

    The Conference Services Unit derives its mandate from the recommendations of the Review Committee of Ministers on the Implementation of the Restructuring Exercise made to, and accepted by, SADC Council in August 2004. The Unit was formed in response to the identified need for the provision of documentation in all SADC working languages (namely English, French and Portuguese), interpretation services, and the availability of conducive conference facilities for all SADC meetings. The Unit serves as the interface between Member States and the Secretariat.


    The overall objectives of the Conference Service Unit are as follows:

    • To ensure the efficient planning of SADC meetings and conferences;
    • To ensure timely availability of documents in the three SADC working languages through:
    • The translation of relevant documents into SADC working languages
    • The provision of relevant documentation to Stakeholders;
    • To provide interpretation and translation services in SADC working languages during SADC meetings; and 
    • To ensure the provision of conducive conference facilities for all SADC Policy meetings.


    To facilitate smooth communication and running of SADC business by enabling common understanding amongst all SADC Stakeholders through a timely and adequate delivery of services.


    A highly responsive Unit and a front-runner in the quest to ensure adequate and common understanding amongst all SADC Stakeholders.