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    The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Directorate of Human Resources and Administration was established following the restructuring of SADC in February 2008, with emphasis placed on the need to improve service delivery within the SADC Secretariat.

    The Directorate of Human Resources and Administration plays a pivotal role in the provision of services that support  fulfilment of the SADC Secretariat key mandate towards regional integration and socio-economic development.

    The overall objective of the Directorate is to provide efficient and effective services in the areas of Human Resources Management, Administration, and Conference Services that provides strategic and operational advice to Managers and administrative support to employees. 

    Successful execution of the SADC Secretariat corporate strategy requires an integrated human resource management and administration strategy that is capable of meeting the ever-changing logistical, documentation, competency and skills requirements of the Secretariat as a whole.

    Lead by the Director Human Resources and Administration, the Directorate comprises three units:


    The Directorate of Human Resources and Administration reports directly to the Deputy Executive Secretary Corporate Affairs

    Human Resources Unit

    The Human Resources Unit is headed up by the Senior Human Resources Officer who manages Recruitment, Employee Relations, Performance Management and Training and Development employees and activities within the SADC Secretariat.

    Advisory Services Offered by the Human Resources Unit

    • Coordination of Recruitment, Selection and Appointment procedures and processes ;
    • The Development, Revision, Communication and Interpretation of HR Policies and Procedures;
    • Coordination of Conduct, Discipline and Grievances procedures and processes;
    • Provision of Employee Relations Services including Staff Welfare and Counselling and Referral Services;
    • Coordination of Performance Management procedures and processes; Coordination of Training and Development procedures and processes;
    • Administration of employee benefits, leaves and general human resources administration; and
    • Maintenance of the HR Information Management system.

     Objectives of the Human Resources Unit

    • To attract, develop and retain employees, for the SADC Secretariat with appropriate qualifications, skills and competencies;
    • To provide a positive and conducive working environment by promoting sound employee relations;
    • and
    • To develop, interpret and implement harmonised HR policies.

    Organisational Structure