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  • Deputy Executive Secretary Corporate Affairs

    The Deputy Executive Secretary: Finance and Administration is responsible for administrative elements of the SADC Secretariat.

    Directorates and Units

    Directorates and Units under the Deputy Executive Secretary: Corporate Affairs are as follows:

    • Finance

      Providing oversight financial administration services to theĀ SADC Secretariat, the Directorate of Budget also facilitates management of financial risks.

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    • Human Resources & Administration

      Supporting recruitment and human resource development within the SADC Secretariat and promoting an integration agenda within human resources development, with the goal of increasing the availability of educated and highly-skilled personnel, through equivalent and harmonised education and training systems of Member States.

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    • Procurement

      Responsible for all aspects of procurement within the SADC Secretariat, through the administration of tender opportunities and ensuring adherence to the SADC Procurement Policy and all supporting.

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    • Information & Communication Technologies

      Responsible for supporting the effective and efficient use of ICT within the SADC Secretariat and assisting Directorates and Units in harnessing ICT within the SADC programmes.

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