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    The revised SADC Organisational Structure of SADC was approved in 2008. In this structure Directorates and Units of SADC are organised into three major groups, each under the responsibility of a member of the SADC Executive:


    The Directorates and Units of SADC are arranged into eight (8) directorates, and eight (8) stand-alone units responsible for cross-cutting issues, established by the Council of Ministers as provided for by Article 15 (4 & 5) of the SADC Treaty. Each Directorate is led by a Director - also part of the SADC Management Team - and supported by Senior Programme Officers. Each Unit is led by a Senior Officer.

    Executive Secretary

    The Executive Secretary of the SADC Secretariat has overall responsibility for the management of the Secretariat, supported by two deputies. The Executive Secretary also directly manages:



    Regional Integration

    The Deputy Executive Secretary: Regional Integration is responsible for five Directorates that work in SADC’s main Regional Integration themes:

    Corporate AFFAIRS

    The Deputy Executive Secretary: Corporate Affairs is responsible for two Directorates and two units:           

    • Directorate: Budget and Finance - providing financial administration and risk management services to the operations of the SADC Secretariat.
    • Directorate: Human Resources and Administration – providing and supporting the operations of SADC Secretariat through the management of human resources, procurement of goods and services, and management of physical assets.
    • Conference Services Unit - providing support to SADC Policy and other meetings in terms of documentation, translation, interpretation services, conference facilities and scheduling of meetings.
    • Procurement Unit - responsible for all aspects of procurement within the SADC Secretariat, through the administration of tender opportunities and ensuring adherence to the SADC Procurement Policy and all supporting.
    • Legal Unit – guiding SADC in the application and interpretation of SADC legal regimes including the SADC Treaty, SADC Protocols and legal instruments and the application and interpretation of international law.
    • Information and Communication Technologies Unit – guiding the adoption of Information and Communications Technologies within SADC and supporting the implementation of the technological aspects of the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan.