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  • SADC Customs Training of Trainers Programme 2013-2016


    The development of capacity in Customs is critical to promote compliance in a way that facilitates legitimate international trade. Article 8 of Annex II of Protocol on Trade provides for Member States to undertake to develop or adopt joint training programmes, exchange staff and share training facilities and resources. Additionally, the Sub Committee on Customs Cooperation (SCCC) Strategic Plan 2012-2016 states that it is important for Customs administrations in Member States to take full advantage of technical assistance and training activities that happen in the region. It further adds that the region should develop a pool of regional experts in various customs disciplines who can be called upon to enhance skills of Customs officers across the region. A SADC Customs Training of Trainers Programme 2013-2015 was approved by the SCCC in May 2013.

    The proposed training plan aims at supporting Member States in acquiring the necessary know-how to train national staff/stakeholders on customs related issues. Priority will be given to those customs issues that are relevant to the implementation of the SADC Protocol on Trade. There are five elements to the training plan, which comprises activities on the regional and on the national level as well as an interactive online exchange and learning platform.

    Please Note: National staff/stakeholders are selected by respective Customs administrations to participate in the training programme.

    For more information please contact:

    • Willie Shumba: wshumba@sadc.int
    • Dhunraj Kassee: dkassee@sadc.int
    • Alcides Monteriro: amonteiro@sadc.int