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  • Zambezi Water Resources Information System (ZAMWIS) Enhancement 3: Hydro-Met Database and Decision Support System
  • Zambezi Water Resources Information System (ZAMWIS) Enhancement 3: Hydro-Met Database and Decision Support System


    (Consulting Services – Firms Selection)

    Country: Zimbabwe, with project scope encompassing eight Zambezi River Basin Countries
    Name of Project: Zambezi River Basin Management Project
    CIWA Grant No.: TF018921
    Assignment Title: Zambezi Water Resources Information System (ZAMWIS)
    Enhancement 3: Hydro-Met Database and Decision Support System
    Reference Number: ZAMCOM/4330/00

    The Zambezi Watercourse Commission has received financing from the World Bank under Cooperation in International Waters in Africa (CIWA) toward the cost of the Zambezi River Basin Management Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services.

    The consulting services (’the Services) include, but are not limited to:

    (a) Reviewing the quality of the existing hydro-met database and the spatial database in ZAMWIS and implementing further actions needed for a more effective and sustainable database system to serve the requirements of decision support;

    (b) Devising mechanisms for improved supply, access, integration and quality standards of agreed hydro-met data from Riparian States as well as from regional and global sources (historical, near/real-time and future);

    (c) Proposing, developing, integrating and implementing suitable decision support system tools (DSS) with remote accessibility for the benefit of both: a) water resources management and development planning, scenario analysis and decision making, and b) real-time flow forecasting and monitoring, and optimisation in basin;

    (d) Fully describing the technical, human resources, financial and other resources required to manage and sustain the hydro-met database and decision support system at the ZAMCOM Secretariat and in the nodes in the riparian countries

    (e) Ensuring the assignment is informed by previous associated analyses and investments in ZAMWIS;

    (f) Undertaking the assignment in line with the provisions for hydro-met data specified in the ZAMCOM Agreement, as well as other governing protocols and memoranda of understanding (MoUs) in the basin and the region; and

    (g) Adequately training staff at ZAMZEC and Riparian States to manage and sustain DSS components of ZAMWIS both at the ZAMCOM Secretariat and in the Riparian States (nodes).

    The ZAMCOM now invites eligible Consulting Firms (Consultants) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the expertise and experience to perform the Services. Consultants are expected to demonstrate their suitability to perform the assignment by giving details of the firm; describing similar assignments they have undertaken;experience in similar conditions; and availability of appropriate skills among staff.

    The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to paragraph 1.9 of the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Grants by World Bank Borrowers, dated January 2011 (“Consultant Guidelines”), setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.

    Consultants may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications.

    A consultant will be selected in accordance with the “Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS)” method set out in the Consultant Guidelines.

    Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours: 0900 to 1700 hours.

    Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by post or by email) by Friday, 14 th August, 2015.

    Zambezi Watercourse Commission
    Attention: The Executive Secretary
    128 Samora Machel Avenue
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Tel:+263 4 253 361 to 3
    Voip: +263 867
    Email: tender@zambezicommission.org