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  • Various services of consultants (individuals and firms)

    Zambezi Watercourse Commission

    Country: Zimbabwe, with project scope encompassing eight Zambezi River Basin Countries
    Assignment Title: Various
    Reference No.: ZAMCOM/VAR/2015

    The Zambezi Watercourse Commission (ZAMCOM) will from time to time require the services of consultants (individuals and firms) to support its planned activities in its quest to promote the cooperative management and development of the Zambezi River Basin in a sustainable manner.

    The Zambezi Watercourse Commission now invites eligible individual consultants and firms to indicate their interest in providing services. Interested firms should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the services. Interested individual consultants should have a minimum of a Master’s degree in the relevant discipline; hold professional qualifications and have at least 15 years of post-qualification experience. Relevant experience in Southern Africa is essential.

    The areas of expertise required are as follows:

    Individual Experts/Consultants:

    1. Senior Hydrologists with experience in Southern Africa and the Zambezi River Basin in particular
    2. Senior Environmental Engineers/Scientists
    3. Senior River Basin Planning and Development Specialists
    4. Senior Socio-economists with experience in Southern Africa
    5. Senior International Water Lawyers with experience in transboundary water treaties/management
    6. Translation services - English/Portuguese
    7. Editorial services - English/Portuguese
    8. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing Specialists
    9. Transboundary Groundwater Management Specialists
    10. Tourism Development Specialists
    11. Mining Industry Specialists
    12. IWRM Specialists
    13. General - FINAL REOI

    Consulting Firms/Entities with specific experience in capacity-building:

    1. Transboundary Groundwater Management
    2. Climate Variability; Change; Mitigation and Adaptation
    3. Water Transfer Schemes
    4. Confidence/Trust-building
    5. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    6. International Water Law
    7. River Basin Planning and Development
    8. Transboundary Issues in Water Quality Management
    9. Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
    10. Environmental Impact Assessment in Transboundary Contexts
    11. Bankable Water Resources Project Preparation
    12. Economic Valuation and Accounting of Water and Related Beneficial Uses
    13. Environmental Flows and Ecosystem Goods and Services
    14. Fisheries and Aquaculture
    15. Meteorology
    16. Hydrology
    17. Irrigation Development in Transboundary Contexts
    18. Hydropower Development in Transboundary Contexts
    19. Flood and Drought Forecasting, Early Warning and Disaster Risk Reduction
    20. Study Tours for Capacity Building in Transboundary Water Resources Management and Development
    21. Gender Mainstreaming
    22. Media Relations and Communication on Water Resources Management and Development
    23. Corporate Planning, Institutional and Organisational Development

    Interested potential consultants are invited to submit Expressions of Interest (EOIs). For individual consultants, a covering letter and CV as well as copies of relevant qualifications in English are required. The CV should conform to the format below. Submissions from firms
    should give details of the firm; description of similar assignments; experience in similar conditions; and availability of appropriate skills among staff.

    The attention of interested consultants is drawn to the ZAMCOM Procurement and Asset Disposal Guidelines setting forth ZAMCOM Policy on Conflict of Interest.

    Expressions of interest must be submitted in electronic form to the e-mail address below clearly referenced “EOI – Individual Consultants and/or Consulting Firms” by Friday, 14 th August, 2015. The total size of all attachments should be less than 10MB.

    Further information pertaining to this REOI is obtainable from the address below during office hours: 0900 to 1700 Hours.

    Zambezi Watercourse Commission
    Attention: The Executive Secretary
    128 Samora Machel Avenue
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Tel:+263 4 253 361 to 3
    Voip: +263 867
    Email: tender@zambezicommission.org