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  • Transport and Transit Facilitation Advisor to SADC Secretariat
  • Transport and Transit Facilitation Advisor to SADC Secretariat

    Invitation for Expression of Interest

    Transport and Transit Facilitation Advisor to SADC Secretariat

    The Southern African Development Community Secretariat based in Gaborone (Botswana) wishes to invite interested parties to express interest in providing services as a Transport and Transit Facilitation Advisor. The assignment is for a period of two (2) years commencing in October 2015, with 400 working days input (approximately 20 months over a 24-month period) and for a maximum budget of € 215,000. The European Union (EU) is providing financial assistance to carry out the assignment

    The scope of work of the Advisor includes:

    • Support to the SADC Secretariat in the formulation and implementation of 11th EDF Programmes on Transport and Transit Facilitation;,
    • Support to the SADC Secretariat in the implementation of the Tripartite Transport and Transit Facilitation Programme;
    • Support in the coordination of EU assistance with assistance provided by other International Cooperation Partners (ICPs);
    • Provision of updated information to the Delegation of the European Union on the implementation of the relevant 11th EDF Programmes; and
    • Assistance to the SADC Secretariat in the identification of hard and soft infrastructure projects to be proposed for financing through blending mechanisms.

    Interested parties are requested to submit/send written Expressions of Interest (EOI), including a profile of their corporation/company/group or as individuals, a description of their full range of expertise and a listing of relevant present and past assignments in the area of Transport and Transit Facilitation before the 27th July 2015.

    The following selection criteria will be applied to candidates:-

    Technical and Professional capacity:

    • Qualifications and skills must include
    • At least Master's Degree in Engineering/Economics/Social Science or Development Studies or related discipline or, in its absence, an equivalent relevant professional experience of at least six years above the general and specific professional experience required below;
    • At least 10 years’ experience in regional transport project management and strategic consultancy; and
    • Experience working on Transport and Trade Facilitation issues in the Tripartite Region.

    Economic and Financial capacity:

    Interested parties are requested to submit documents showing their average annual turnover of the past two years.

    Interested parties are also cautioned that this is not an invitation to tender. The Tender dossier will be sent to shortlisted parties only.

    Requests for clarifications should be sent to Ms Mapolao Mokoena mmokoena@sadc.int Senior Programme Office for Transport at the SADC Secretariat. Clarifications: for questions received by 10th July 2015 will be published on SADC website (https://www.sadc.int/opportunities/employment) webpage and other international websites used to advertise the EOI by 17th July 2015 at the latest.

    A list of vendors will also be drawn up from parties that have expressed interest.

    Fully completed profiles and related information can be delivered at SADC Headquarters Office SADC House Plot No. 54385, New Central Business District, Private Bag 0095, Gaborone, Botswana or sent by e-mail to the below mentioned contacts.

    Contact Persons:

    Mapolao Mokoena
    Senior Programme Officer - Transport
    Infrastructure and Services Directorate
    SADC Secretariat
    Tel.: +267 3951863 ext. 1957
    E-mail: mmokoena@sadc.int