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  • Technical Assistance to the SADC Regional Economic Integration Support Programme (REIS)
  • Technical Assistance to the SADC Regional Economic Integration Support Programme (REIS)


    Technical Assistance to the SADC

    Regional Economic Integration Support Programme (REIS)

    1. Publication Reference


    2. Procedure

    International restricted tender

    Acquisition of the services of Consultants will follow the SADC Secretariat's Rules and Procedures for the Use of Consultants.

    3. Programme

    10th EDF

    4. Financing

    Contribution Agreement

    5. Contracting Authority

    The Executive Secretary, SADC Secretariat, Private Bag 0095, Gaborone, BOTSWANA.

    6. Nature of Contract

    Technical Assistance

    7. Programme Description

    The Overall Objective of the Programme is to promote economic growth and poverty reduction in the SADC Region. This objective corresponds to the general objective of the RISDP and the various Protocols that constitute the basis of SADC’s regional integration Agenda.

    The Specific Objective of the Programme, is to enhance the movement of goods and services within SADC, facilitate investment, and secure WTO compatible market access arrangements between SADC EPA countries and the EU.

    The Programme has three main result areas:

    Result 1: Support provided to the implementation of the Finance and Investment Protocol

    Result 2: Support provided to the implementation of the regional trade agenda

    Result 3: Support provided to the negotiation and implementation of the SADC EPA

    8. Contract Description

    The Specific Objective of this contract is to facilitate operational activities of the REIS Programme between 20th March 2016 and the end of the Programme on 19th March 2017.

    9. Services Required:

    The service provider will be required to facilitate the operational activities of the REIS Programme. The service provider will liaise closely with the SADC Secretariat before concluding contracts/making payments. The services required will relate to, but are not limited to, the following key activities:

    • Venues for meetings/conferences/workshops in the SADC Region;

    • Conference packages;

    • Interpretation services at the above mentioned meetings/conferences/workshops;

    • Tickets and per diem allowances for participants in the above mentioned meetings/conferences/workshops;

    • Translation services required by the REIS Programme; and

    • Tickets and per diems for SADC staff and Member State representatives to attend meetings;

    Contracting service providers and making payments will be a significant component of this service contract. The SADC Secretariat will assist the service provider with identification of participants and suitable venues for meetings. The SADC Secretariat also maintains a list of recommended interpreters/translators. Procurement activities under this service contract must follow the SADC procurement guidelines.

    10. Indicative maximum budget

    The indicative maximum budget for the contract is €3,200,000 (Euro three million two hundred thousand), including reimbursable expenses.

    11. Provisional timing

    The procurement notice is scheduled for publication in March, 2015.

    Invitation to tender is planned for July/August, 2015.

    Mobilisation of services is planned for March, 2016.

    12. Additional information

    The service contract will be tendered as one lot.