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  • Specific Procurement Notice

    Procurement of ICT Technical Service Level Agreement

    Contract Number 


    Procuring Entity

    SADC Secretariat



    1. The SADC Secretariat is inviting reputable IT firms to submit proposals to for the  provision of an ICT TECHNICAL SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT for the SADC Secretariat.

    2. More details on the scope of the contract(s) are provided in the Bidding Documents which can be requested from: tluka@sadc.int or senthufhel@sadc.int. Please copy kgaamangwe@sadc.int in your request.

    3. The procurement method used for this contract is Regional Restricted Tendering as defined in the SADC Secretariat Procurement Policy and Guidelines available on the SADC website.

    4. This tender is open to all reputable IT firms from the SADC Region.

    5. The date and time of submission of the proposals at the address indicated in the Bid Documents is 14th June 2013, at 14:30 hours. Proposals received after this time and date, or submitted otherwise than indicated in the Bidding Documents shall not be considered and shall be returned unopened.

    6. All notifications concerning this procurement process,including: modification of the Bidding Documnets,results of the evaluation or cancellation notices,will be published on the SADC website and will communicated directly to the bidders.

    7. Interested ICT firms seek clarifications or/and additional information concerning this contract,only in writing and by latest 10th June 2013 from the following contact points:

    Procuring entity: The SADC Secretariat

    Contact person: Kgotso Gaamangwe

    Telephone: 2673951863

    Fax: +2673972848 or +2673181070

    E-mail: kgaamangwe@sadc.int