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    Date of Publication : 16 AUGUST 2018


    Reference Number: SADC-EU/PRU/01/18


    Procurement entity: SADC SECRETARIAT


    Number and titles of lots

    1 Lot: Provision of Communications and Visibility Services at the SADC Secretariat


    Location: SADC Secretariat, Western Commercial Road (near Lobatse and Seboni Roads), CBD Plot 54385, Private Bag 0095, Gaborone, BOTSWANA, and travel within the SADC region. 


    Maximum contract budget: EURO €1,500,000.00.


    1. This Invitation for Prequalification follows the General Procurement Notice (Individual Service Contract Forecast) that appeared on SADC Secretariat website in June 2018.


    2. The SADC Council approved the revised SADC Communication and Promotional Strategy (SCPS) 2016-2020, in August 2016; the purpose of the strategy is to support the realization of the SADC Vision: “A common future, a future within a regional Community that will ensure economic well-being, improvement of the standards of living, quality of life, freedom, social justice, peace and security for the peoples of Southern Africa". This shared vision is anchored on the common values and principles and the historical and cultural affinities that exist among the peoples of Southern Africa. The SADC Secretariat has the mandate and oversight over the SCPS and its implementation.


    The revised SPCS is summarized in eight (8) Key Results Areas which inspire the key results of this project. On the other hand, the SADC Secretariat receives funding from a number of international donors, among which is the European Union through the European Development Fund and other instruments.


    In this context, SADC Secretariat wishes to invite interested public relations, media buy in and promotional companies to express interest in providing support to the SADC Secretariat’s Communication and Public Relations Unit to facilitate increased visibility of SADC, its programmes including the SADC EU Partnership programmes and the impact of the programme’s interventions on the lives of SADC citizens in accordance with the revised SPCS2016-2020.


    The assignment is expected to commence by January 2019 and has a tentative budget of EURO1, 500, 000 (EUROS1.5 million). The work required for this assignment includes producing a variety of visibility-related multimedia products and implementing interventions to increase awareness around the impact of SADC, its programmes including the SADC EU Partnership programmes.

    3. The Overall Objective is to support the Communication and Public Relations Unit in the implementation of the SPCS 2016-2020.


    4. The Specific Objective of the Assignment will be aligned to the key result areas of the SCPS 2016-2020:

    a)     Increase awareness of and knowledge about SADC, its activities and impact as well as SADC-EU programmes, in all MS and globally;

    b)     Improve access to and exchange of information and knowledge about regional integration by SADC MS and the region’s ordinary citizens;

    c)     Strengthen relationships with the media and strengthen their capacity to competently report on SADC in general and SADC-EU cooperation in particular;

    d)     Strengthen partnerships with information intermediaries to support the promotion of SADC’s vision, goals and achievements;

    e)     Increase SADC’s strong online and social media presence with a focus on creating shareable multimedia video and image content;

    f)      Communicate the SADC-EU partnership through specific content highlighting the impact of SADC-EU joint programmes on the lives of citizens of the region.


    5. Based on the above outlined objectives and the objectives of the SCPS, the expected results to be achieved by the Contractor include:

    a)    Conception, design and implementation of communication campaigns in line with the priorities of the SADC SCPS as well as the thematic programmes implemented as part of the SADC-EU Partnership;

    b)    Support the development of clear SADC and SADC-EU image (branding) and voice (messaging), that is proactive in setting the tone of SADC and SADC-EU cooperation, adaptable to relevant channels and that resonates with various target groups;

    c)     Sustained links with the media are established, with improved coverage – in terms of quantity and quality – across print, broadcast and digital media of the SADC-EU Partnership and the SADC Regional Integration process;

    d)    Impact of the SADC regional integration as well as the SADC-EU partnership on SADC citizens is illustrated and a positive vision of a region that realizes the ambitions of its people is projected;

    e)    Public relations and media support is provided to the SADC Public Relations Unit to deliver on its specific mandate.


    6. The SADC Secretariat herewith invites companies/firms to submit Applications for prequalification for the provision of Public Relations and Visibility Materials to the SADC Secretariat


    7. The procurement method used for this contract is Quality and Cost Based Selection under the International Restricted Tender as defined in the SADC Secretariat Procurement Guidelines, August 2017 edition available on the Procurement documentation page of the SADC website.


    8. The Invitation for Prequalification is open to all companies/firms which satisfy the eligibility and qualification requirements stated in section III of the Prequalification document.


    9. The closing time and date for submission of the Applications at the address indicated in the Prequalification Document is 15:30hrs local time on 28th September 2018. Applications for prequalification received after this time and date, or submitted otherwise than indicated in the Prequalification Document, shall not be considered and shall be returned unopened.


    10. All notifications concerning this procurement process, including: modification of the Prequalification Document, results of the evaluation, shortlisting or cancellation notices, requests for clarification and the respective responses will be published on the following website: http://www.sadc.int/opportunities/procurement/open-procurement-opportunities/


    11. Interested companies/firms may seek clarification or/and additional information concerning this prequalification, only in writing (or by email) and by latest 16:30hrs local time Monday, 3rd September 2018 from the following contact points:


    Head of Procurement 
    Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat
    CBD Plot 54385
    Room DGP11 on Ground Floor
    City: Gaborone 
    Country: Botswana
    Phone: +2673951863
    Fax: +2673972848/3181070

    Email: ggwaza@sadc.int
    Attention: Mr. Gift Mike Gwaza


    With copy to: blopi@sadc.int

    Attention: Ms Barbara Lopi





    Please note that the tender will be launched under a suspensive clause pending the signature of the Financing Agreement with the European Union.  If for any reason the Financing Agreement is not signed the tender process will be cancelled and the SADC Secretariat will accept no responsibility for any of the costs incurred by consultancy firms in pursuing this tender.