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  • Single Framework Contract for Provision of Travel (Lot 1) and Events (Lot 2) Management Services to the SADC Secretariat
  • Single Framework Contract for Provision of Travel (Lot 1) and Events (Lot 2) Management Services to the SADC Secretariat




    Reference Number: SADC/TRAVEL&EVENTS/01/2016
    Procurement entity: SADC SECRETARIAT
    Number and titles of lots: 1
    Location: SADC Secretariat,
    Western Commercial Road (near Lobatse and Siboni Roads),
    CBD Plot 54385,Private Bag 0095, Gaborone, BOTSWANA.
    Maximum contract budget: Indicative budget of USD 10,000,000 for each Lot for 24 months.

    1. The Southern African Community (SADC) Secretariat has set aside funds for the operation of the Secretariat during the financial year 2016/17. It is intended that part of the proceeds of the fund will be used to cover eligible payments under the contracts for the provision of Travel and Events Management. 

    2. The SADC Secretariat now invites sealed bids from eligible and reputable Travel and Events management companies/agents interested to bid for the following lots:

    Lot 1: Travel Management

    Lot 2: Events Management  

    The activities of the SADC Secretariat are regionally based and the staff members need to travel accordingly.  Travel Management, as referred to in this assignment, applies to all movements or journey of SADC staff and Member States representatives from one place to another for official business purposes, both international and domestic. This travel includes both air and ground transport. These official purposes include, but need not be limited, to the following: 

    a) Official missions, meetings and various national and international events;

    b) Travel for Interviews for both candidates and member states;

    c) Travel on Appointment and repatriation of staff and family members;

    d) Travel for Home leaves / Home passage, and educational leaves; and

    e) Visits to project sites, by either SADC staff or counterparts, or other entities involved in execution of various SADC undertakings. 

    Similarly, Events Management, as referred to in this assignment, applies to the management of SADC events such as meetings, conferences, or workshops. It involves understanding the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects leading to the event. Planning and coordinating the event may include budgeting, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event security, catering and emergency plans. 

    The services required under Event management will relate, but are not limited to, the following key activities:

    • Hire of Venues for meetings/conferences/workshops in the SADC Region;
    • Hire of Conference packages;
    • Hire of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment services at the above mentioned meetings /conferences /workshops;
    • Hire of Interpretation services at the above mentioned meetings /conferences /workshops;
    • Hire of Translation services required at the above mentioned meetings /conferences /workshops; and
    • Hire of photocopying and document reproduction services.

    3. The procurement method used for this contract is Quality and Cost Based Selection under the International Restricted Tender as defined in the revised SADC Secretariat Procurement Policy and Guidelines

    4. The prequalification documents are attached at the bottom of this web page. 

    5. The closing time and date for submission of the Applications at the address indicated in the Prequalification Document is 14:30hrs local time on 15th July 2016. Applications received after this time and date, or submitted otherwise than indicated in the Prequalification Document shall not be considered and shall be returned unopened. 

    6. The Invitation to Prequalification is open to all companies/firms which satisfy the eligibility and qualification requirements stated in Section III of the Prequalification document. 

    7. All notifications concerning this procurement process, including: modification of the Prequalification Document, results of the evaluation, shortlisting or cancellation notices, Requests for clarification and the respective responses will be published on the following website: www.sadc.int 

    8. Interested companies/firms may seek clarification or/and additional information concerning this prequalification, only in writing (or by email) and by latest 16:30hrs on 28th June 2016  from the following contact points:  

    Head of Procurement
    Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat
    CBD Plot 54385
    Room DGP11 on Ground Floor
    City:  Gaborone 
    Country: Botswana
    Phone: +2673951863
    Fax: +2673972848/3181070
    Mobile: +26773693500
    Email: ggwaza@sadc.int 

    Attention: Mr. Gift Mike Gwaza 

    With copy to: tluka@sadc.int  Attention: Mr. Ted Peter Luka