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  • Development of a SADC Regional Anti-Poaching Strategy
  • Development of a SADC Regional Anti-Poaching Strategy


    Assignment: Development of a SADC Regional Anti-Poaching Strategy

    In recent years, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region has experienced increased illegal trade and poaching of wildlife, especially elephants and rhino species, which among others, due to high prices of ivory which are aggravating poaching. SADC Ministers responsible for environment and natural resources at their meeting held in Maputo in October 2013 resolved to develop and adopt a comprehensive anti-poaching strategy as well as establishment of a coordination centre, within SADC to combat poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

    SADC Secretariat is looking for a highly experienced Service Provider to develop a SADC Regional Anti-Poaching Strategy in order to control and minimize poaching in the region through collaboration among relevant local, national, regional and international stakeholders.

    The anti-poaching strategy, among others, shall:

    1. Control and minimize poaching in the SADC region;

    2. Enhance communication among relevant law enforcement agencies: local, national, regional and international;

    3. Enhance capacities of law enforcement agencies, customs and immigration to detect and combat illegal wildlife trade;

    4. Improve dialogue among relevant stakeholders: local, national and internationalto detect poaching and illegal wildlife trade; and

    5. Establish a Regional Anti-Poaching Monitoring Centre to coordinate and monitor poaching and illegal wildlife trade activities in the SADC region.

    Required Skills:

    1. Profound and proven experience in wildlife management or natural resources economics; Institutional Development; Law; or related field;

    2. At least 7 years proven working experience in the field of wildlife management; combating poaching; organisational development and communications strategies; planning; developing policies, strategies including anti- poaching, and action / implementation plans; and making decisions on the anti-poaching trade control, security and safety related fields;

    1. Good understanding of multi-lateral environmental agreements related to natural resources and trade in species products, including, CITES;

    1. Good knowledge of the poaching and illegal trade on wildlife products and on the various initiatives that are going on to halt this problem;

    1. Profound knowledge of the SADC region and its natural resources including wildlife conservation issues in Southern Africa;

    1. Experience in strategic planning, programme/project and/or policy formulation; institutional development;

    1. Good interpersonal relations and communications skills;

    1. Proven high technical skills in facilitation of stakeholder consultative workshops; and

    1. Good writing and speaking skills in one of the following languages: English, French or Portuguese.

    GIZ Botswana invites professional and eligible consulting companies of the SADC region to submit an expression of interest together with a company profile and an overview of relevant projects successfully completed by no later than 28 July 2014 to Ms. Segakweng Eunice Nhlamba, by e-mail at segakweng.nhlamba@giz.de. Tel: +2673957400. Please quote reference 83177135.

    The shortlisted bidders will receive the complete Terms of Reference once the evaluation of the company profiles have been completed by GIZ Botswana