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    The SADC Summit in April 2015, adopted the Revised Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) 2015-2020 which prioritizes Industrial Development and Market Integration. The Revised RISDP places industrial development at the centre stage of the regional integration agenda. The key issues pertaining to industrialization are clearly spelt out in the SADC Industrialization Strategy and Roadmap 2015-2063 (SISR) which was also approved by Summit in April 2015. The Action Plan to operationalise the SISR was approved by Summit in March 2017 and implementation is underway.


    SADC Members, cognizant of the strides made so far in attaining their regional economic integration goals through the establishment of the FTA, are promoting complementary steps to be undertaken with a view to taking advantage of new opportunities in trade, arising from greater liberalization as well as trade opportunities provided by growing regional and international markets.

    The SADC Secretariat and GIZ are therefore commissioning a study to develop a draft Trade Development and Trade Promotion framework, which will be the basis for a coordinated regional platform for practical intervention, concrete market development and trade and investment promotion tools and services, and assistance to the region’s economic operators and business organizations.

    • Identifying needs and challenges
    • Knowledge sharing and capacity-building
    • Elaborate strategic recommendations and a related action plan

    Key experts required

    Desired qualifications and experience: Two key experts with extensive knowledge in export planning and management; and trade development and trade facilitation are envisaged for this assignment. Experts should also have a good knowledge about SADC regional integration agenda and SADC Member States national trade development strategies and programmes. Detailed qualifications are outlined below. Interested firms, institutions or international organizations should prepare a note demonstrating their expertise in the relevant areas.

                Team Leader - Trade Development

    General Qualifications and Skills

    • Advanced University degree in Economics, International Trade;  
    • Fluency in English (written, spoken, understanding). Working knowledge of Portuguese or French would be an added advantage; and
    • Expertise and experience in analytical and presentation skills.

    General Professional Experience

    • A minimum of 10 years’ experience on trade development and promotion;
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the existing trade development and promotion programmes in SADC, Africa and other regions; and
    • Experience on private sector development.

    Specific Professional experience

    • Practical experience in trade development and promotion;
    • Practical experience in trade data and market access information
    • Practical experience in developing a results-based Action Plan on Trade Development and Promotion;
    • Practical experience in working as a Team leader and formulation of Technical Cooperation Projects; and
    • Demonstrable knowledge of SADC and its institutions as well as knowledge of the SADC Trade Protocol

    Key Expert -1: Trade Promotion

                General Qualifications and skills

    • Advanced degree in Economics, International Trade;
    • Good communication and presentation skills;
    • Fluency in English (written, spoken, understanding). Working knowledge of Portuguese or French would be an added advantage; and
    • Computer literacy of familiarity with standard office software packages, email and internet use.

                General Professional Experience

    • A minimum of ten (10) years relevant experience in trade development, trade promotion and private sector development, including SME development;
    • Demonstrable knowledge in action planning, including development and implementation of results frameworks.

                Specific Professional experience

    • Experience on trade promotion and SME development;
    • Experience on developing Action Plans on Trade Development and Trade Promotion.

    Place of Assignment

    Flexible, provided that skype calls and a video conference are possible with at least three visits to Gaborone, Botswana (training course/presentation of draft, validation workshop and launch event).

    Interviews with stakeholders from SADC member states, within the EU or other regions are carried out using telephone calls, skype calls or video conferences.

     Supervision and Reporting

    It is expected that the team of consultants work in very close coordination with the Project Management Team consisting of GIZ and SADC staff, providing regular, unsolicited updates, and responding promptly and flexibly to the needs and demands of SADC Structures and the corresponding timelines. It is expected that the team is available at short-notice for this project and is able to accommodate short-notice changes to either timelines or travel needs.

    The consultants will work under the supervision of a GIZ-SADC Project Management Team. Overall reporting will be to Project Manager of CESARE and Acting Directors IDT SADC.

    All reports shall be in electronic format in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint as the case may be.

    Interested parties to submit financial offers specifying:

    • -       The total number of days which are estimated
    • -       The number of flights / accommodation to Gaborone (if they are not based in Gaborone)
    • -       The number of flights etc. to other countries if applicable
    • -       Any other expenses that need to be budgeted for.

    10. Contract period

    The contract duration is from the 5th February to 30th April 2018

     TOR_Development of SADC Trade Promotion Strategy 07_12_17 (002).pdf

    Assessment grid - Trade Promotion ToRs.xlsx

    General terms and conditions 2015 (2).pdf

    Invitation letter Trade Promotion Framework 07_12_17.pdf

    Budget allocation - development of SADC Trade promotion & development.xlsx

    Assessment grid - Trade Promotion ToRs.xlsx