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  • Design and Rollout of Regional Malaria Surveillance Platform
  • Design and Rollout of Regional Malaria Surveillance Platform


    The Elimination 8 (E8) is a regional partnership of the eight southernmost countries in Africa, collaborating on an ambitious regional strategy to eliminate the transmission of malaria from the region. Malaria transmission across the E8 is inextricably linked; it is thus not only a national problem, but a regional problem requiring an understanding of the transmission dynamics that define the region. Both national and regional responses must be based on a regional picture, enabling the use of regional data to inform the more effective targeting of interventions at the local level.

    The E8 has therefore prioritized the implementation of a regional surveillance database that aggregates malaria data from the eight countries, supporting robust analysis and feedback of regional transmission patterns and intervention coverage, thus informing more effective strategic planning and response by the national malaria programmes. Development of the regional surveillance database will require harmonizing reporting and data collection by the E8 countries a n d developing a functional mechanism to allow integration and joint analysis and mapping of the region’s surveillance data.

    The main objective of the regional surveillance database is to integrate data from each country and to facilitate feedback of high spatial and temporal resolution, regional analytic outputs and maps to the respective countries (thus improving local data systems). This will allow better planning and will result in programming that is informed by regional patterns. (It is important to note that the proposed system is not a parallel system, but simply uses and builds on existing surveillance systems in the countries). The E8 regional malaria surveillance system will not collect any new data, but rather integrate data from the various countries.

    Scope of Work

    The E8 requires support for the initial development of the regional DHIS2 platform. The E8 has designed a framework for the implementation of regional malaria surveillance, and now seeks a consultant team to lead the development of the regional database that will house and aggregate malaria data, and allow further analyses.

    In order to conduct further analyses (Phase 1 in Table 1), the consultants will use DHIS2, or will propose alternative platforms for analysis, in consultation with the E8 Secretariat. The consultant team will also be required to support ongoing maintenance and capacity building as the system is rolled out to the countries.

    Proposal Format

    Interested teams or organizations are requested to organize their proposal as follows:

    1. Summary profiles of proposed team members, including relevant experience on similar assignments, and in the E8 countries, and full-time equivalent on the project for each individual (Please do not provide full CVs, only summaries of experience and training relevant to this project).
    2. Project narrative, providing a description of the proposed approach/methodology for each activity, identifying the key risks and proposing mitigation strategies, inputs on feasibility/challenges to the proposed database design above, and suggestions to improve on the design (NO MORE THAN 5 PAGES).
    3. Detailed workplan, outlining critical pathway
    4. Budget – fees only. Travel and related expenses will be covered by directly by the E8 Secretariat, or reimbursed to the team, on the basis of receipts

    The proposal submission deadline is February 29, 2016. Proposals should be sent to operations@elimination8.org; any questions can also be directed to the same email address.

    See attached document for full details of the assignment.