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  • Consultancy Services for the preparation of a Human Resources Development Plan for the Mauritius Ports Authority- MPA 293/2015
  • Consultancy Services for the preparation of a Human Resources Development Plan for the Mauritius Ports Authority- MPA 293/2015




    Consultancy Services for the preparation of a Human Resources Development Plan for the Mauritius Ports Authority- MPA 293/2015


    The Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) established as a Corporate Body under the Ports Act 1998 is responsible for regulating and controlling port activities and services in Mauritius and Rodrigues. As a landlord Port Authority, the MPA is also responsible for the overall planning and development of the Port, providing the main port infrastructure and superstructure.

    The Mauritius Ports Authority has presently a workforce of 543 employees. The core activities of the MPA are Marine and Port Operations, Port Development, Land Administration & Surveying supported by Finance, Human Resources, Administrative & Legal Services, IT and Technical Services. Additionally, the Authority has been tasked with new responsibilities under the Ocean Economy initiative, to develop Port Louis Harbour into a major hub for petroleum products, cruise activities, container transshipment and port related services.

    The Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) intends to appoint a Consultancy firm for the preparation of a comprehensive Human Resources Development Plan (HRD) including a Reengineering of the Organizational Structure in line with the Authority’s existing and new roles, Review of Salary Structure and Terms and Conditions of Service.

    In this context, the MPA is inviting Expression of Interest from Consultancy firms for the above assignment.

    The applicant with extensive international port experience shall be required to team up with a local Consultancy Firm for the preparation of the Human Resources Development Plan.


    The Consultancy Firm services shall include but not limited to:-

    • Assessment of the present Organisation Structure and full audit of the Authority’s Human Resources;

    • Proposal for a new Organisation Structure in line with the existing and new roles, responsibilities and functions of the Authority;

    • In depth evaluation of each job position/grade and proposals for a new Salary Structure and Grading Structure;

    • Proposal for a new manpower plan as well as a succession plan for the next five (5) years with special emphasis on scarce position;

    • Review and propose a new set of job guidelines in respect of the recommended structure;

    • Review Terms and Conditions of Service; and

    • Review the Training Plan


    • The applicant shall comprise a foreign firm in association or joint venture with a local Consultancy Firm;

    • The Foreign Firm shall have five (5) years of experience in Human Resources Development in the Port Sector.

    • The applicant shall have undertaken at least two (2) assignments of similar nature over the last five (5) years.

    • The Local Firm shall have five (5) years experience in HR Consultancy Services.

    • The applicant shall include within its team the following key professional staff for the assignment:-

      • Team Leader

      • Human Resources Development Specialist

      • Port Experts having international experience

      • Financial Specialist


    The applicant shall submit the following information:-

    • Profile of the applicant, its organisation and staffing; the names, addresses and profiles of the participating firm(s), and the nature of the joint venture or association.
        • Details of experience in similar assignments undertaken over the last five years including name of clients, locations, duration, description of assignment, value of services provided and the firm’s role in the assignment.

        • CV’s of personnel to be engaged on the assignment including academic and professional qualifications, experience in the preparation of HRD Plan and Salary Review.

    All the above information shall be submitted by filling Form 1 to 5 as per attached.

    5.0 TIME FRAME

    The assignment would have to be completed within a period of five months.


    All clarifications sought in respect of the Expression of Interest shall be addressed to the Director General, Mauritius Ports Authority, at least 7 days before the closing date on the following address: info@mauport.com

    The queries and the replies thereto will then be placed on the Public Procurement Portal: publicprocurement.govmu.org and MPA website: www.mauport.com


    Applicants shall submit their Expression of Interest in two (2) copies to the Director General of the Mauritius Ports Authority, H. Ramnarain Building, Mer Rouge, Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius, not later than Thursday 28 May 2015 at 14.00 hours latest (local time).

    Incomplete applications shall not be considered.

    Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit Proposals for the Consultancy Services.

    Mauritius Ports Authority
    H. Ramnarain Building
    Mer Rouge
    Port Louis
    Republic of Mauritius

    30 April 2015