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    Lomahasha/NamaachaCross Border Water Supply Project Prefeasibility and Feasibility Study

    Project Processing No:


    Contract No: 


    Country of Assignment: 

    Swaziland / Mozambique

    Period of Assignment: 

    August 2013 to March 2014

    Project Description and Sector

    Swaziland and Mozambique intend to undertake a joint cross border water supply and sanitation project in Namaacha / Lomahasha. The project is facilitated by the SADC water division. A prefeasibility/feasibility study shall be conducted in order to identify the most feasible water supply and sanitation options.

    Lomahasha / Namaacha area is located on the top of a mountain range, which makes water supply difficult and expensive. Swaziland and Mozambique see economic benefits in establishing a joint water supply system for the urban areas on both sides of the border. Initial concepts have been developed, which foresee water supply from the Umbulezi River in Swaziland or by the construction of dam(s) in Mozambique, near to the project area.

    Objectives of the study are:

    (i)    Generate and present sufficient information to enable a decision to be made on the funding of the project through the Fund for Regional Water Supply and Sanitation FRWS, currently being established by the German Development Bank (KfW) in cooperation with SADC and managed by the DBSA.

    (ii)   Generate and present sufficient information (including technical concepts, financial and institutional arrangements) to enable the project partners in Mozambique and Swaziland to enter into a formal agreement for the project.

    (i)    Generate and present sufficient information that allows a formal financing agreement to be reached between FRWS and the project partners in Mozambique and Swaziland.

    (ii)   Generate and present sufficient information for the preparation of terms of references for a detailed design study.

    Requested services comprise:

    • Technical analysis of existing water supply and sanitation systems; review and assessment of initial water supply concepts
    • Socio economic baseline study and analysis
    • Data collection for gender related information
    • Estimation of future water demand
    • Analysis of different technical water supply and sanitation options including preliminary technical and cost calculations
    • Geotechnical and topographical investigations
    • Initial environmental examination and EIA if required and Climate Proofing for the technical alternatives for water supply and sanitation.
    • Institutional analysis of existing water and sanitation systems; identification of suitable institutional arrangements for the operation of cross-border investments; institutional implementation concept
    • Financial analysis, water tariffs, dynamic prime costs

     References shall provide evidence that the applicant

    • has long-term experience in the preparation (feasibility and design studies) of water and sanitation projects for international donor agencies
    • has long-term experience in the field of requested services
    • has long-term experience in the conduction of studies and projects in sub-Saharan Africa, preferably in the SADC region

    The conduction of feasibility studies for KfW will be considered as an advantage.

    Note : Up to three relevant areas can be specified for the reference projects of the expression of interest.

    Personnel: Specification of inputs and necessary qualifications 

    Pool of senior international and national short term experts up to 30 man-months

    • Team leader: Expert in water engineering and the design of drinking water supply schemes and sanitation systems (the team leader has to be available during the complete project duration)
    • Hydrological expert
    • Economist/ financial expert
    • Sociologist/ anthropologist with Gender experience

    The consultant has to provide the necessary staff (administrative/technical, foreign/local personnel), which is required for the execution of his services. In order to enhance the local technical skill and experience, cooperation with local specialists is recommended. The formation of a consortium consisting of an international, Swazi and Mozambican is suggested. The team shall be composed of English and Portuguese spoken personnel.

    If you are interested in implementing the above project please complete the following document and return it no later than 8th April 2013 to the following e-mail address: vel@giz.de

     To obtain automatic confirmation of receipt of your expression of interest at GIZ, please enter "expression of interest" and the contract no. in the subject line when returning this form.

     The evaluation of the expressions of interest is expected to be completed by 16th April 2013.

    If we are unable to consider you, we shall send you brief notification to this end.

    Commissioning party:

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

    Dag-Hammarskjöld-Weg 1-5

    D-65760 Eschborn;Germany

    Tel. ++49-(0)6196-79-0

    Internet: www.giz.de

    Your contact person is:

    Elisabeth Birkenhäger

    Tel. ++49-(0)6196-79-2079

    Fax ++49-(0)6196-79-7244

    E-mail: vel@giz.de