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  • Assessment of PPDF Phases I and II and Analysis of Strategic Options for Phase III
  • Assessment of PPDF Phases I and II and Analysis of Strategic Options for Phase III

    Country: SADC Region

    Ref-N°: BMZ No. 2004 70 450, 2015 69 235, 2017 68 206

    Ref.: International, Open Tender (Postqualification) for Consulting Services regarding the Project Preparation and Development Facility (PPDF)

    Project Executing Agency: PPDF Project Owner/Recipient (SADC Secretariat, Gaborone, Republic of Botswana). The contract will be directly closed with KfW, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

    Project Measures: The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) has identified infrastructure as one of the major drivers for economic growth and poverty reduction in the region.

    The aim of the PPDF is to create a conducive environment for investment through financing the preparation of infrastructure projects based in at least one SADC member state or those with a direct and positive impact on another SADC member state. The PPDF concentrates on those projects that are considered as enablers of regional integration, and provide technical assistance in infrastructure project identification, preparation and feasibility studies with a view to making the projects bankable and attractive to investors.

    Requested Consultant Services: The assessment will review existing successes and challenges of the PPDF phases I and II, including amongst others i) assessment of project pipeline, ii) needs assessment and market analysis, iii) the analysis of existing governance processes and application procedures and iv) assessing the capacity of the implementing agency.

    Furthermore, the consultant is expected to propose solutions for a sustainable and more strategic use of the funds, e.g. meeting the target group, decision about project preparation measures, and specific use of financing products.

    Based on the assessment of Phases I and II the consultant shall develop strategic options for the future development of the PPDF, with a view to making the Facility more efficient and effective and increase responsiveness to market needs.

    Success factors, which will enable the SADC Secretariat to measure the contribution of the facility to regional economic integration through infrastructure development and investment in the SADC Region shall be defined.

    The postqualification of experienced Consultants is subject to the regulations contained in the „Guidelines for Assignment of Consultants in Financial Cooperation Projects“ (refer to KfW’s website http://www.kfw-entwicklungsbank.de). The services shall be assigned to an independent consultant firm with profound experience/expertise in the infrastructure financing mechanisms in Southern Africa and particularly in the SADC region, experience in implementation such as blending facilities and project preparation facilities funded by international donors and DFIs. The minimum annual turnover of the consultants for the last three years shall be more than EUR 1 million.

    For further information please contact the Tender Agent: exficon GmbH, Frankfurt am Main (tender@exficon.de).