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  • Short List Notice - SADC Trade Related Facility


    PROCUREMENT OF Technical Assistance to the SADC Trade Related Facility (TRF)

    1.   Publication reference: SADC/TRF/01/2013

    2.   Procuring Entity: SADC SECRETARIAT

    3.   Publication date of the procurement notice: 12 February 2014

    4.   Type of procurement: Consulting services

    5.   Lot number and lot title:  One Lot only

    6.   Estimated contract value: Euro 5,800,000

    7.   Procurement method: International Restricted Tendering

    8.   Number of applications received: Nine (9)

    9.   Name and address of successful applicants: 


    Names of the Joint Venture/Consortium Partner(s)

    1 Maxwell Stamp PLC United Kingdom Linpico SARL France
    2 ACE Spain PROMAN SA Luxembourg
          GOPA Germany
    3 IDI Ireland DMI France
          Deloitte South Africa
    4 AESA Belgium QI – Instituto De La Calidad – S.A. Unipersonal Spain
          Enabling Environments Mauritius
          Sviluppo Globale  Italy
    5 GFA Germany DNA Economics  South Africa
          CARDNO Emerging Markets S.A. Belgium

    10. Date of approval of the prequalification report: 02 APRIL 2014