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  • Short List Notice - REIS

     Information Notice

    1. Publication reference: SADC/REIS/01/2012

    2. Procuring Entity: SADC SECRETARIAT

    3. Publication date of the procurement notice: November 2012

    4. Type of procurement: Consulting Services

    5. Lot number and lot title: Not Applicable

    6. Estimated contract value: Euros 4,410,000

    7. Procurement method: International Restricted Tender

    8. Number of applications received: Six (6)

    9. Name and address of successful applicants: 

    Serial NoNameNationalityName(s) of the joint venture/Consurtium partner(s)Nationality
    1 Transtec Belgium Nathan Associates Inc Unite States of America
    2 Cardno Emerging Markets Belgium

    Gopa Consultants

    Imani Development



    3 GFA Consulting Group Germany

    DNA Economics (Pty) lted

    SGS Nederland B.V

    South Africa

    The Netherlands

    4 Equinoccio  Spain IBF international Belgium

    11. Date of approval of the prequalification report: 5th February 2013