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  • Development of an IWRM Plan for the Kunene Watercourse
  • Development of an IWRM Plan for the Kunene Watercourse

    Reference number:              83401228

    Processing no.:                    2018.2194.1-001.00

    Project name:                     Transboundary Water Management V

    Project title:                       Development of a preliminary Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for the Kunene Watercourse

    Country:                             Regional

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) supports the Water Division through the Transboundary Water Management (TWM) programme. TWM supports the management of shared watercourses in the region by promoting the effective implementation of the SADC Regional Strategic Action Plan on Integrated Water Resources Development and Management (RSAP).

    Water resources in southern Africa are vital to ensuring the sustainable social and economic development of the region. Fifteen transboundary river basins transverse the Southern African Development Community (SADC) catalysing regional integration and development in their paths. The main objective of this assignment is to conduct a rapid assessment of the state of the Kunene watercourse to map out and give recommendations for the development of a preliminary IWRM plan for management of the basin. The assessment and IWRM plan development will include stakeholder consultations and knowledge exchange to promote inter-basin dialogue learning. The assessment will also consider IWRM principles and other integrated approaches such as the water-energy-food-ecosystem nexus including mainstreaming youth, gender and climate change into water resources management in the Kunene based on a needs assessment of the basin. The rapid assessment will inform the formulation of the vision for the water resources in the basin and guide the SWI to achieve more holistic and coordinated water management to support the people, economy and natural ecosystems.

    It is against this background that the GIZ-TWM Programme is supporting the development of IWRM Plans in the Kunene watercourse in the SADC and seeks the services of a consulting firm to provide the following services:

    • Conduct a transboundary rapid assessment including desk reviews of available datasets, literature and documents to identify priority water resources challenges across the SWI and assess their severity, mutual dependence and frequency of occurrence as well as opportunities and priorities to enable cooperative basin development
    • Convene stakeholder consultations and knowledge exchange sessions that include learning formats such with workshops, symposia, webinars, and study visits to ensure institutional buy-in, capacity development, networking, inter-basin dialogue and sharing
    • Identify and analyse, through a desk review, national, regional and international policies/strategies and legal frameworks to identify synergies and opportunities for harmonisation 
    • Analyse the riparian state institutional capacities at all levels (national, basin, local) for implementation of the SWI IWRM frameworks
    • Recommend functional institutional arrangements for implementation including overall coordination and implementation of the identified priority interventions clearly defining roles and functions at all levels (basin, national, local)
    • Develop an IWRM plan identifying priority interventions with budget and possible financing

    For more detailed information please refer to the attached Terms of Reference (ToR, Annex 1).

    Submission deadline

    Companies interested and qualified to participate in the tender and implement the task, are to refer to the attached Terms of Reference (Annex 1) for more detailed information and must submit their tender documents to BW_Quotation@giz.de no later than 18th February 2021, 1700hrs.

    Please note that tender bids received after the stipulated time and date will not be accepted.

    Technical offer

    The following items must be submitted with the technical proposal drawn up in English language:

    1)     Background information of the consulting firm including legal status of firm and company profile

    2)     2 examples of similar work carried out in the region, with a budget of not less than EUR 100, 000,00 demonstrating the capability and capacity of the firm to undertake the assignment

    3)     Proposed methodology and approach on how to undertake the assignment as well as a detailed work plan thus demonstrating an understanding of the work required

    4)     CVs of no more than 3 pages CVs of technical personnel proposed for this assignment

    Interested bidders are requested to submit a technical offer based on the criteria of the assessment grid (Annex 2). The technical offer should not exceed ten pages, including interpretation of the assignment, work plan and proposed methodology/strategy. The technical offer will be assessed based on the technical proposal and the provided company profile and team composition, and examples of similar work previously undertaken.

    Price offer

    The actual level of effort (input) for undertaking the assignment shall not exceed 174 days with a maximum of 60 days spent in the riparian states of the Kunene Basin

    The price offer must be submitted in accordance with the attached format for the price offer (Annex 3) and General Terms and Conditions of contract (Annex 4). Personnel costs should be shown per expert assigned for the assignment. Travel costs and all other costs must be shown separately.  All communication related costs, stationery and printing costs for reports must be included in the calculation. Please submit your offer in the currency of your country; during the financial evaluation the amounts will be converted using the exchange rate of the day from the converter Infor Euro:


    Alternative offers

    No alternative offers are permitted.

    Your bid, comprising the technical offer and the price offer, must be clearly marked as such with the contract number, tender name and submitted separately.

    The following items must be submitted with the Financial proposal

    (a). The financial offer form (Annex 3) to be completed for the price offer and clearly indicate the currency used

    (b) Company bank letter within 6 months

    (c) Company Tax clearance certificate (TCC)

    (d) Company Certificate / Certificate of incorporation

    Price offer for (labelled):

    Development of shared watercourse institutions Integrated Water Resources Management Plans

    Reference number: - 83410228
    – to be opened by GIZ procurement unit only –

    Technical offer for (labelled):

    Development of shared watercourse institutions Integrated Water Resources Management Plans

    Reference number 83410228
    – to be opened by GIZ evaluation team & Procurement Unit –

    Procedural questions

    Please address any commercial, technical and procedural questions at an early stage. Questions will be answered if they are received at the latest five working days before the closing of the tender. Questions must be raised in writing, by email to: dimpho.keitseng@giz.de 

    Non-compliance may result in your bid not being considered.

    Evaluation of Offer

    After the final technical evaluation, technical offers scored 500 points and above only their financial bids will be opened and evaluated. Technical offers below 500 points will be considered as technically not acceptable. The weightings are as below for Technical (T) and Financial (F);

    T: 70%, the price offer and F: 30%. The following formula will be used:

    The contract will be awarded to the bidder with the highest score (Technical plus Financial weighing), and in case of achieving the same score, a priority is given to the bidder who submitted their bid earlier. Contractual negotiations are generally commenced with the bidder achieving the highest score. Should these negotiations not be successful, the second highest scorer on the list shall be invited to commence negotiations.

    Date of decision to award contract

    For procedural reasons, no information on the status of the evaluation will be given pending the decision on contract award. We would therefore ask you to refrain from making enquiries about this. Only the winning bidder will be informed.

    Acceptance period and Commencement of work

    Please note that you are bound by your bid for 90 days.

    GIZ reserves the right to accept, reject and/or cancel any or part of the bid.

     GIZ also reserves the right to cancel the bid entirely.

    Yours truly,


    1. Terms of Reference
    2. Technical Assessment Grid
    3. Budget allocation form (for financial proposal)
    4. GIZ General Terms and Conditions of contract
    5. Firm Eligibility