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  • Capacity Building and Industrial Policy Review - Seychelles


    Reference number:


    Processing no.:


    Project name:

    Cooperation for the Enhancement of SADC Regional Economic Integration


    Tender title:

    Support on Capacity Building and Industrial Policy review using the Enhancing the Quality of Industrial Policies (EQuIP) methodology in Seychelles



    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The German International Cooperation (GIZ) is cooperating with the SADC Secretariat Industrial Development and Trade Directorate (IDT) in the implementation of SADC strategies and programmes for industrialisation and supports Seychelles to align her industrial policy with the SADC Industrialisation Strategy and Roadmap (SISR).

    The support to Seychelles aims to build capacity in the Ministry of Industry and related departments on formulating/reviewing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating industrial policy performance. It also aims to provide the opportunity for a practical step-by-step learning by doing for the trained officers in order to entrench policy formulation expertise in Seychelles. The capacity building and practical application of the learning experience will be based on the EQuIP methodology.  The consultancy to be engaged will be responsible for the capacity building and guide the trained team to formulate/review the Industrial Policy for Seychelles. They will draw a programme for training workshops and deliver the training as well develop a programme for the various follow up activities to develop the components or chapters of the Industrial policy. The consultants will provide further guidance and support to the process.

    Therefore, consultancy companies are invited to bid for the assignment on “Capacity Building and Industrial Policy Development using the EQuIP approach in Seychelles. The selected consultant will enter a contract with GIZ.

    Submission deadline

    Should you be interested in participating in the tender and implementing the task, please refer to the attached Terms of Reference (Annex 1) for more detailed information. Submit tender documents to BW_Quotation@giz.deno later than Friday 24th September 2021, 1500hrs / 3p.m. Please note that tender bids received after the stipulated time and date will not be accepted.

    Technical offer

    The technical proposal, drawn up in English language, follows the following format (max. 20 pages excl. CVs):

    (a)     consider the tasks to be performed with reference to the objectives of the services put out to tender. Following this, the consultants must present a Concept outlining their approach to and management of the execution the assignment.

    (b)      The bidders are required to profile their personnel for this assignment and describe their cooperation with GIZ and the partners in this assignment.

    (c)      The bidders are required to describe key processes including work steps, milestones, timelines and present a schedule that describes how the services are to be provided.

    (d)      The bidder is required to describe how the contributions of stakeholders shall be integrated into the services.

    Price offer

    The price offer must be submitted in accordance with the attached format for the price offer (Annex 3) and General Terms and Conditions of contract (Annex 4).  Personnel costs should be shown per expert assigned for the measure.  All communication related costs, stationery and printing costs for reports must be included in the calculation.  Please submit your offer in the currency of your country; during the financial evaluation the amounts will be converted using the exchange rate of the day from the converter Infor Euro: http://ec.europa.eu/budget/contracts_grants/info_contracts/inforeuro/inforeuro_en.cfm

    Alternative offers

    No alternative offers are permitted.

    Labelling of offer

    Your bid, comprising the technical offer and the price offer, must be clearly marked as such with the contract number, tender name and submitted separately.

    The financial offer form (Annex 3) to be completed for the price offer and clearly indicate the currency used

    Price offer for (labelled):

    Capacity Building and Industrial Policy Development using the EQuIP approach in Seychelles

    Reference number:  83390145

    – to be opened by GIZ procurement unit –

    Technical offer for (labelled):

    Capacity Building and Industrial Policy Development using the EQuIP approach in Seychelles

    Reference number: 83390145

    – to be opened by GIZ evaluation team –

    Procedural questions

    Please address any commercial, technical and procedural questions at an early stage. Questions will be answered if they are received at the latest five working days before the closing of the tender. Questions must be raised in writing, by email to: dimpho.keitseng@giz.de

    Non-compliance may result in your bid not being considered.

    Evaluation of Offer

    After the final technical evaluation, only the price offers of bids with 500 points and above will be opened and evaluated. Technical offers below 500 points will be considered as technically not acceptable. The weightings are as below for Technical (T) and Financial (F);

    T: 70%, the price offer and F: 30%. The following formula will be used:

    The contract will be awarded to the bidder with the highest score (Technical plus Financial weighing), and in case of achieving the same score, a priority is given to the bidder who submitted the bid earlier. Contractual negotiations are generally commenced with the bidder achieving the highest score. Should these negotiations not be successful, the second highest scorer on the list shall be invited to commence negotiations.

    Date of decision to award contract

    For procedural reasons, no information on the status of the evaluation will be given pending the decision on contract award. We would therefore ask you to refrain from making enquiries about this. Only the winning bidder will be informed.

    Acceptance period and Commencement of work

    Please note that you are bound by your bid for 90 days.

    GIZ reserves the right to accept, reject and/or cancel any or part of the bid.

    GIZ also reserves the right to cancel the bid entirely.

    Yours truly,


    1. Terms of Reference
    2. Technical Grid
    3. Budget allocation form (for price offer)
    4. GIZ General Terms and Conditions of contract