Jul 28 00:00 - Aug 02 2024 00:00

SADC Industrialisation Week 2024

Host Country: Zimbabwe

Location: Harare


Theme: Promoting Innovation to unlock Opportunities for Sustainable Economic Growth and Development towards an Industrialised SADC7th 

Aims of the SADC Industrialisation Week: 

  1. Disseminate information on the SADC Industrialisation Strategy and Roadmap.

  2. Commemorate the Africa Industrialisation Day in the region in a much more effective way.

  3. Intensify engagement and develop partnerships with development partners and other third parties to promote the SADC Industrialisation Strategy at the national and regional level

  4. Identify challenges faced by businesses in the region in the development and strengthening of Regional Value Chains (RVCs)

  5. Engage policymakers, private sector, academia, researchers, and other key stakeholders in policy dialogue to enhance work on Industrialisation at both national and regional levels

  6. Increase engagement on Industrialisation strategy at the national and regional level

  7. Share progress on the implementation of the previous SIW declarations and success stories

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SADC Industrialisation Week 2024