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    19 Aug, 2021

    Zambia launches the Gender Status Report 2017-2019

    On 10th August 2021 the Vice President of the Republic of Zambia Her Honor Mrs. Inonge Mutukwa Wina virtually launched the Gender Status Report 2017-2019 in Lusaka, Zambia.

    The production of the report, prepared in line with the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, among other SADC instruments is made possible through the support of the GIZ Strengthening the National-Regional Linkages (GIZ-SNRL) in SADC Programme, a partnership Programme between SADC, the European Union and German Government. This is in harmony with the objective of enhancing the domestication of regional instruments across SADC Member States. The Gender Status Report 2017-2019 highlights and provides information about the status of Zambia in terms of achieving gender equality and equity in various development sectors.

    In her remarks, Her Honor Mrs. Inonge Mutukwa Wina said "the Gender Status Report 2017-2019 is very important because data and information are the bases for assessing the progress and the impact of developmental interventions. Empirical evidence (statistics) is the bed rock of quality and better decision-making processes at every level of society". She further stated that the Gender Status Report is necessary because Constitution of Zambia (Amendment), No.2 of 2016, Chapter 1 of the Laws of Zambia, has provided for gender equity in Zambia. Therefore, this is supplemented by the enactment of various pieces of legislation to ensure effective mainstreaming of gender in all sector policies, plans, programmes, projects and outputs. The aim is to ensure equitable distribution and access to natural resources amongst women, men, girls, boys and people with disabilities.

    Her Excellency Dr. Sabine Lindemann, Head of EU cooperation and the Deputy Head of mission representing both European Union and German Government said in her remark that the German Government as well as the European Union plays great importance on gender equality and equity. She said "We, the European Union and German Government very much appreciate the effort and willingness of the Zambian Government to create Zambia where everyone is equal irrespective of gender". She added that the Government of the Republic of Zambia have been acting very responsive to insure gender equality. Apart from developing the Gender Status Report, the Seventh National Development plan and the Zambia vision 2030 and the creation of the Gender Equality Mission by the Zambia government has further enhanced the protection of women's rights.

    The report highlights not only the strides that the country has made so far, but also the critical challenges in its efforts towards achieving desired national, regional, and international gender mainstreaming outcomes. It casts light on existing inequalities across regions and in the population at large. Zambia has made significant progress in promoting the rights of girls and women. However, much more needs to be done to promote and attain gender equity.

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